internet explorer driving me mad !!!!

  alan in spain 22:32 14 Apr 2003

i am running xp with norton antivirus and 2 firewalls ( sygate and norton) but in the last week i have discoverd that when i am viewing a web page and i click a link explorer just hangs with the eggtimer showing.

I have tried browsing with msn too and that does the same. has anyone any ideas why this should start happening for no apparent reason?

please help if you can

cheers alan

  Giggle n' Bits 22:35 14 Apr 2003

I would remove one of the firewalls.

You do not say which windows, Internet Explorer or version of internet explorer and type of ISP connection you have.

  alan in spain 22:35 14 Apr 2003

sorry guys i forgot to mention that its far worse when you try and click a hyperlink from within an email.

i use outlook express by the way


  alan in spain 22:40 14 Apr 2003

i am running windows xp, iexplorer 6 (i believe)

I have been running with 2 firewalls for years with no problems, in fact it was on here that it was suggested to get 2 firewalls some time ago !!

my net connection is 256k broadband from wanadoo in spain and i have had it for 18 months with no probs.

This thing only started in the last week
hope this info helps thanx for your help aquavibe but i m not sure 2 firewalls would cause it but i stand to be corrected

  Embezzler 22:46 14 Apr 2003

I suggest going back to a previous Restore Point and see if that eliminates the problem. It could be the cause of you installing something which may have changed some config?!

  DieSse 00:29 15 Apr 2003

I bet now you're on XP you're running with 3 firewalls (inc the XP one) - and you haven't been doing that for years!

There is no way that you need several firwalls. The Sygate one is perfectly adequate - IMHO you should get rid of the Norton one, and disable the XP one - then things are almost bound to improve.

  DieSse 00:32 15 Apr 2003

"firwalls" - or firewalls even!!

Where are you in Spain BTW - I'm on Wanadoo 256K service too - on the Costa Blanca.

  alan in spain 08:50 15 Apr 2003

Thanks again so far.
But................. The xp firewall was never enabled anyway, the norton one has been disabled.

The problem still exists so now i am about to hit it severely.

If i have to do a system restore how do i save all my data first ? ( now i am showing my ignorance)

DieSse I am in Coin, close to costa del sol.

  Embezzler 11:13 15 Apr 2003

Don't worry about your data, it only restores the recently mods which have been done to the config. Everything else should be ok. You shouldn't lose any files.

  DieSse 11:27 15 Apr 2003

You might like to look at "repairing" IE6 before you try a restore. For a guide click here

As to a restore and your data - in theory a system restore should not affect your data - however it's always advisable to do backups before such a drastic procedure.

  VoG™ 14:51 15 Apr 2003


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Follow the instructions.

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