Internet Explorer download.

  siouxah1 19:39 03 Dec 2004

Can some kind person remind me how to obtain downloads from Microsoft and save them to disc?

I have ploughed through the past threads and nothing I do seems to work. In fact I am now at the hair pulling stage. There is something I am doing wrong, or is that "not doing something right".

I want to update IE5 to IE6 on a Win 2000 system. The machine is not on the internet yet. (Cannot get it to access through my small network). Although the network part works.

Thanks in advance.


  Technotiger 19:49 03 Dec 2004

Hi, rather than download, why not buy a PC Mag which has IE6 on CD then Install from the CD. lol

  siouxah1 20:14 03 Dec 2004


That is a very good point. I will try and do that.

I was under the impression that Microsoft was no longer allowing magazine cover discs to carry their updates etc. For example:- PCA download area only leads to the setup file from MS.

Can you suggest a mag that Carry's such content? Will I find it on the PA Advisor cover disc?


  Technotiger 20:20 03 Dec 2004

Hi again, email me by clicking on my envelope - I will send you a magazine disc with IE6 on it.
Cheers. Well, it is nearly Christmas :-))

don't forget your full address.

  siouxah1 20:54 03 Dec 2004

Thanks Technotiger,

Email on it's way. Happy Christmas to you and yours as well.

(Is this the very first mention of Christmas on the Forum?)

Brian j

  Technotiger 21:51 03 Dec 2004

CD on it's way in the morning post. Not the first Xmas mention - I beat you to it a day or so ago:-) Lots of other goodies on cd as well.


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