Internet Explorer - 'Cannot find server'

  Graham ® 14:40 05 May 2006

Is what I get every time I start IE (Ver.6). I press F5 and then get the home page. I've tried various home pages.

I wonder if there is a setting to allow more time to connect, as it seems the message appears pretty quickly.

  Graham ® 18:13 05 May 2006

Hopefully on the right track. Mine said wait 5 seconds between attempts, I've changed it to 10 seconds. See how it goes.

  Graham ® 19:06 06 May 2006

Not the firewall. Tried the Winso program, no joy there either.

  Graham ® 19:11 06 May 2006


  Graham ® 19:20 06 May 2006

Thanks, it's all set up correctly, it's just that when I first start IE it connects to the distant computer, then 'connecting to BBC' or whatever, then times out after about 10 seconds to give 'Page cannot be found'.

I can then Refresh to get the home page.

It sometimes connects first time, but not often.

  Graham ® 19:22 06 May 2006


  Graham ® 19:26 06 May 2006

No, just phone line.

  mammak 19:37 06 May 2006

I had this problem some months ago there were times I could not access this site for upto a week at a time what ever the problem was I am not sure but in the end I changed my router from cable and wireles to Bt voyager now every thing is fine, I know this is of no help to you just input to the thread to let you know it should sort its self out some how.
Ps. your in the best place to get the right help.

  Graham ® 19:41 06 May 2006

The Line LED does not flash - in fact once connected I can browse away solidly.

There may not be an obvious cause, I've tried all I can think of!

I'm used to it now, I'll put up with it!

Thanks all.

  Graham ® 19:45 06 May 2006

I've missed Dr Who now :-(

  Graham ® 10:24 07 May 2006

Seems this may be a DNS issue. I've changed the home page to, which is the number for (which is really, not a lot of people know that!).

It is connecting first time at the moment.

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