Internet Explorer - 'Cannot find server'

  Graham ® 14:40 05 May 2006

Is what I get every time I start IE (Ver.6). I press F5 and then get the home page. I've tried various home pages.

I wonder if there is a setting to allow more time to connect, as it seems the message appears pretty quickly.

  Eric half-a-bee 15:36 05 May 2006

A couple of thoughts - Tools/Internet Options - Programs and Advanced both have restore default options - or - are you using a pop-up blocker? If so try a different one (i.e. MS vs. Google toolbar).

  Gongoozler 17:36 05 May 2006

A possibility. Tools - Internet Options - Connections - Settings - Advanced. Mine says try to connect 10 times. If yours only tries the once and then gives up, it would show an error message.

  skidzy 17:48 05 May 2006

Is it possible that your firewall is stopping access to the internet ?

You could always try this click here and download the registry optimiser version,this is not just a registry tool ..under advanced it has an option to repair internet explorer,this may be worth a try.

Its an unlimited trial version,so you can scan and repair as many times as you like.

Good luck

  Graham ® 18:13 05 May 2006

Hopefully on the right track. Mine said wait 5 seconds between attempts, I've changed it to 10 seconds. See how it goes.

  Graham ® 19:06 06 May 2006

Not the firewall. Tried the Winso program, no joy there either.

  wobblymike 19:08 06 May 2006

can we have a bit more info

Are you on BB or dial up

If BB ethernet or USB

  Graham ® 19:11 06 May 2006


  wobblymike 19:13 06 May 2006

Go to Control Panel - Internet options - click the connections tag and maje sure you have Always dial my default connection selected and your USB modem selected as your default device.

  Graham ® 19:20 06 May 2006

Thanks, it's all set up correctly, it's just that when I first start IE it connects to the distant computer, then 'connecting to BBC' or whatever, then times out after about 10 seconds to give 'Page cannot be found'.

I can then Refresh to get the home page.

It sometimes connects first time, but not often.

  wobblymike 19:21 06 May 2006

ok understood who is your isp?

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