Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

  scott26985 19:42 14 Feb 2007

Ever since I reset my router both the pcs on my network have been having some internet problems. We are constantly getting the

"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

with about a 1/3 of the sites we go to. If you hit refresh the sites open up straight away but things like picutres or logos or buttons don't and you have to refresh 2-4 times to get the page fully open.

The router is a eTec and I have BT broadband. I have one PC pluged into router wired via USB and another PC accessing Wirelessly.


Go to log out/in of my email account and the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" page comes up. I have to hit fresh to make sure I loged in/out of my email (yahoo and hotmail)

Its not a big problem but its VERY VERY annouying. The internet never did this before I reset the router.

I was told on an other fourm that changing the MTU to 1458 would help, Here's what happned:

changed the Router setting in WAN from MTU= 1492 to 1458 and in PPP from MTU= 1492 to 1458

After I saved the changes and rebooted the router

The WAN MTU would say the same but the PPP MTU would turn back to the vaule it was before.

This messed with connection and internet speed on the Wireless PC.

I've put the MTUs back to 1492 as it least I get a contaction with that.

I still have the orginal problem, Any help?

Any ideas how to fix this?

  STREETWORK 21:17 14 Feb 2007

Disable your firewall and reset the router again then turn the firewall back on...

  scott26985 21:47 14 Feb 2007

Disable the XP firewall?

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