Internet Explorer bar History missing

  faith5 23:43 28 Dec 2004

I have a problem with the Explorer Bar History button in internet Explorer 6. It is showing on the toolbar but when I click on it, instead of showing the history pane of websites visited on the left hand side, it says "desktop" and clicking on this opens up a text file with the following text:


Has anyone any ideas what has gone wrong? (The other explorer bar buttons are OK).

  GaT7 23:59 28 Dec 2004

IE repair maybe? click here if you need to know how. You use anti-spyware programs (like Adaware, Spybot, SpywareBlaster, etc) don't you? G

  pc moron 00:00 29 Dec 2004

Are you using McAfee Anti-virus?

  faith5 01:38 30 Dec 2004

Thanks for the repair tip, this has done the trick.

To pc moron - no, I use AVG anti-virus

To Crossbow 7 - I do use Spybot and Ad-aware. Can you tell this from my posting? Is it something I need to worry about?

  GaT7 22:12 30 Dec 2004

"Can you tell this from my posting?"

Not really, but as you may be aware ad/spyware causes all sorts of strange problems, & I wouldn't have been surprised if it was responsible for causing your particular problem.

"Is it something I need to worry about?"

Not really again. If you don't already have them, also get SpywareBlaster click here & a²(a-squared) click here.

Plus, try an alternative browser that has some cool features (& a fraction of the problems/security issues of IE) - Firefox click here. If you do give Firefox a try you must also try out it's Extensions (& Themes) click here. There are other alternative browsers you may also like to try, like Avant Browser (IE-based, but much better feature-wise) click here, Opera click here & Mozilla (Firefox's big brother) click here. G

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