Internet Explorer App Blocked By Java

  Phoenix40 01:11 28 Nov 2013

Hello I was trying to use the Wins 8 internet Explorer app section when a Java notification came up claiming I need to update my Java. Im not sure if it was genuine so I tried to clear it but it wont go away and is blocking me using my internet explorer app on my Toshiba laptop. I cant use it now for browsing only from my original deskstop. Im not use to using laptops and not sure what methods I can use to deal with this problem.I hope ive giving enough information if there is anymore you need let me know.Hope someone can sort this irritating problem out thank you.

  Phoenix40 11:25 28 Nov 2013

Hello ive checked my Java application and it doesn't need updating. I manage to isolate it in a tab and create a new one to browse on but I still cant remove it yet! You still end up going around in cicles to open it then delete it and nothing happens. Whats the best free Malware is there to use on a laptop? Hope someone can help thanks a lot.

  Phoenix40 14:05 28 Nov 2013

Hello I found an anti malware device I used before on my computer that was recommended from here and transferred it over to my laptop and it seems to have cleared the so called Java update on my internet app.Is it alright to keep this anti malware defender on my system when im still using the Microsoft Windows defender as well? Is it alright to have both? Let me know thanks.

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