internet explorer 9 uninstalled to enable to browse a new website

  cordeiro 18:00 30 Sep 2012

I have a dell vostro 460 desktop with windows7 professional. I believe that when it is delivered pre-installed it automatically has internet explorer 9. The website I visited is This opens with and displays a window 'visit site', on clicking the site a new page opens and gives the option 'register' and a new window opens which is partly visible. This makes it impossible to complete the registration ! I managed to get thru to the technical maestro by phone who said the webpage is not viewable on IE9. I uninstalled IE9 and the problem was solved. Now when I click the icon Internet Explorer, it opens and says 'Google' how is it that my new browser is now 'google', should I remain with it or try installing IE8 ? JR Cordeiro

  rdave13 18:24 30 Sep 2012

It works for me using Internet Explorer 9 in compatibility mode.

  rdave13 18:40 30 Sep 2012

This is how it looks in compatibility mode (icon on right of address bar is blue) click here.

  cordeiro 19:02 30 Sep 2012

attn. rdave, how do you get to compatabilty mode, I do not have IE9 installed. R. Cordeiro

  rdave13 19:07 30 Sep 2012

It's the same in IE 8. You can follow Jock1e's advice going through 'tools' or click on the icon (looks like a torn piece of paper) on the right of the address bar.

  cordeiro 19:34 30 Sep 2012

rdave. Thank you for your reply. as of now I do not have IE9 installed, should I re-install it ? and then how do I use COMPATIBILITY MODE ? JR Cordeiro

  rdave13 19:47 30 Sep 2012

The compatibility icon, on the right of the address bar, just needs clicking once. The page will then go into compatibility view. If you use Internet Explorer then it would be wise to install the latest version IE9. You can just about see it in my previous link, top right. The icon changes to blue once clicked on and the page goes to compatibility view.

  rdave13 15:52 01 Oct 2012

A bit of confusion here I think. Yes you'll need to re-install IE9 so you can get the compatibility view running on a web page. There was no need to uninstall it in the first place as you can run any amount of browsers on your PC. Looking at your other thread it seems as you already have Google Chrome but you can also have Fire Fox, Opera, Safari and others.

  Forum Editor 18:56 01 Oct 2012

Please don't start any more new threads on the same topic - it's extremely confusing for people who are trying to help you.

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