internet explorer

  pat2068 18:41 12 Mar 2003

i am operating on win xp and internet explorer is not holding my password can anyone help

  spikeychris 19:35 12 Mar 2003

This has popped up before and must be one of the most common, yet hard to solve problems there is. There are some fixes and downloads at Microsoft but they *mainly don't work*.

Not tech but the easiest way and one which *always works* is....

From the Tools menu, choose Accounts . The Internet Accounts window will appear.

Select the Mail tab.

Select your mail account from the list and choose the Remove button.

Recreate the mail account.

Sometimes you don't need the bells and whistles and fixes and tweaks and hacks....


  spikeychris 19:38 12 Mar 2003

My Mum always said my eyesight would suffer. I read Outlook Express.....Doh..

  pat2068 19:56 12 Mar 2003

i have tried creating a new account but it still dosent work i have been told i need to remove a file from my registry but i dont know if it is true or what file

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