Internet Explorer 7 Worth a Beta Try?

  legalrep 14:33 25 Apr 2006

I have just received the Microsoft newsletter which offers me the chance to beta test the new IE7, is any one using it at present and is it worth updating to 7 now or should I wait? As always any help/advise would be greatly received. I have XP pro.

  Devil Fish 14:36 25 Apr 2006

used it ditched it hasn't persuaded me to switch from firefox

however if you are already an ie user their are some improvements for you most notably tabbed browsing

  remind 14:37 25 Apr 2006

I tried the first Beta but just didn't really get to grips with it.Just decided to try Beta2 this week - it seems a vast improvement over IE6, very similar to Firefox, though that's not to say they have just copied everything. Tabbed browsing, cleaner interface and toolbar layout (a little harder to find what you want until you get used to it, but worth the effort), RSS support, improved web-page rendering speed and at last web-page printing that actually works. I'm impressed so far.

  J B 15:48 25 Apr 2006

If you try the Beta 2 version and can't get on with it, what is the procedure to revert to IE-6. Still like F/F but thought I would give I/E-7 a go, so if it is straight forward to revert, I am game. J.B.

  legalrep 16:09 25 Apr 2006

Well took the plunge and downloaded IE7 but I found all the text looked blurred and not as sharp a picture as with IE6, what ever I did could not get the sharpness of IE6 back so uninstalled and went back to 6
*JB before you do anything set a restore point

  remind 16:12 25 Apr 2006

J B; click here

No idea what that could be legalrep, no difference between IE6/FF and IE7 as far as picture quality is concerned here. I have a CRT monitor though, if you're using a TFT perhaps things are different.

  sunny staines 16:16 25 Apr 2006

majorgeeks & hippo have posted an update to ie7 but my microsoft updates get a zero result. anyone else got the same.

I like IE7 in classic mode.

  legalrep 16:19 25 Apr 2006

Remind, Its the text which looks blurred the tool may well fix the problem but I've uninstalled now and to be honest I didn't think there was a great difference. I think I'll stick with IE6 for now.

  iscanut 16:23 25 Apr 2006

Don't bother..Use Firefox 1.5xx

  remind 16:25 25 Apr 2006

I still prefer Firefox too, but IE7 will be an unavoidable part of Windows security updates before long, interesting to see how it's progressing.

  chub_tor 16:47 25 Apr 2006

Just installed it about an hour ago and so far I really like it. The text is clear and sharp the tabbed browsing works fine and the overall appearance is improved. Can't comment on security at this stage but I have turned on the anti-phishing etc as recommended on start up. Two thumbs up from me.

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