Internet Explorer 7 problems.

  MIke 19:45 21 Oct 2006

I decided to try out IE 7 last night, as I've seen a few good reports re it's functionality on here.

Yes it's a lot prettier than 6 but I'm having quite a few problems with it. For starters it doesn't remember log ins and passwords for all sites. This being one of them. IE 6 did but 7 doesn't, so I have to type username and password in each time.

I'm with BT Yahoo and I can't open their home page tonight I get this : 128 ‹l?]KÃ0†½Þ¯8öf*¶é*WÓ‚HÑ ö!Foå,Íš², iêÜ¿·u‚^ìpÎÍËËçPéw*§R`™ÓyÁà™±UX¼¼Mß³ ø²µM?Ë+, ˜l¯!à 5Œ&“1$IÇÝÂÓœ'+‡Õÿ´ 9r)ºrÃ]m=(ÔU‹•Èfø‰Ç,ß׺4ûHŽ¾6:rÂ*äâbHœ(k÷¡Íž\IïmJÈÚG”ÆDÜìÈðòž’_%Ç¿Ö¦ ÀºâF—m~&§Ò‰MvŠ‘Ÿ )ÁØ£zno팞‡!Ø$‰¬j›¨Ýª¿:tg;u?( —­ÞŠ^ÑÃ’{HF0ºKoÆi é­AÇ·†ùàÿÿT5|Ž 0

The site is OK as I can access it in Firefox. I'm also finding that all pages are taking approx 5 times longer to download in IE7 than Firefox.

Last night IE 7 was working pretty quickly but still a bit slower than Firefox.

I've scanned for baddies but nothing found. Any ideas why IE7 should be so crap tonight?

  anskyber 19:48 21 Oct 2006

Do you have plug ins like Google tool bar?

  MIke 19:49 21 Oct 2006

No no plug ins at all

  anskyber 19:51 21 Oct 2006

It has the same facility to "remember" passwords and so on: tools, internet options,content, autocomplete, settings.

  MIke 19:57 21 Oct 2006

It remembers passwords for some sites,, or tescodvd rental.are some sites it doesn't remember passwords.

I've used the delete passwords button and started afresh, although it's asking if I want IE to remember the password it doesn't!

Never had a problem with IE 6

  anskyber 20:04 21 Oct 2006

Odd. There may be something about your set up which is covered here. click here When I migrated the odd setting needed re-establishing, it could be for example this site needs resetting in the area top left by clicking your username and selecting the keep me logged in option.

  rdave13 20:10 21 Oct 2006

In IE7 go to tools - Internet Options - Advanced tab - click on the reset tab. If all fails then roll back to IE6 and try another install with AV and Firewall disabled.

  MIke 20:34 21 Oct 2006

Thanks Anskeyber, Took a look at that page, but can't see anything that is relevant to my setup, Rdave13, I've just rolled back to IE6, and all websites I try to access are now showing the gibberish I pasted above. Thankfully Firefox is OK.

My concern is that MS are to offer IE 7 later by auto update. Some people of course don't read this forum, and don't have as much experience of computing as the rest of us, they may well find themselves in a similar situation, as I'm in now, and not know how to remedy it.

  MIke 20:35 21 Oct 2006

I'm about to have another stab at installing 7 will report back later.... that's If I can get the update through Firefox of course!

  anskyber 20:36 21 Oct 2006

I have not used this but it is an IE 6 repair. click here

  MIke 21:17 21 Oct 2006

Anskeyber and Rdave.... Thanks for your input. I've re-installed IE7, still had some problems with gibberish on BT Yahoo homepage, however I tried Rdave's suggestion of using the reset button. IE now seems to be behaving itself, apart from autofilling of username and passwords. I still have to type them in, they were just there with IE6 and are there with Firefox. Still appears more stable now. I'll tick resolved, and see how it behaves tomorrow. After all it was OK last night so could got belly up again on me.



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