Internet Explorer 7

  cowgirl66 15:42 26 Apr 2007

Hi all,

Do I have to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 before reformatting Windows XP? I seem to remember reading somewhere that one has to revert to IE6 but maybe I'm wrong.

  provider 2 15:44 26 Apr 2007

Reformatting cowgirl? You`re into pretty drastic stuff these days!

  [email protected] 15:47 26 Apr 2007

yes thats correct cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 15:47 26 Apr 2007

well as you can see from my previous thread, i had two viruses show up yesterday and now my broadband connection Icon isnt showing in Systray. Neither do I even HAVE a network connection according to Control Panel. It's gone missing.

By reformatting i mean reinstalling windows xp

  skidzy 15:48 26 Apr 2007

Im assuming your running xp and have upgraded to IE7,if IE7 is giving you problems...goto control panel/add and remove programs and uninstall IE7,this will revert to IE6 if you indeed upgraded to IE7.

  skidzy 15:49 26 Apr 2007

Are you actually reinstalling windows or using the recovery disc ?

If the recovery disc you need not worry about uninstalling IE7.

  provider 2 15:49 26 Apr 2007

Oh, right. Didn`t see your prevoius post, sorry. I`ll go stand in the corner facing the wall!

  cowgirl66 15:54 26 Apr 2007

Golly, I dont' know lol. I put in a floppy first then the computer asks for each of 4 cds in turn. Is the floppy disc the boot disc?

  cowgirl66 16:03 26 Apr 2007

Hi again skidzy,

I didn't get any problem until Spyware Terminator found these two trojans:- Protux-E and Zlob-ABP.

Then Comodo Firewall went ballistic giving high security alerts every time I tried to connect to the internet.

Now my tv icons have gone missing and in Network Connections there is no icon for my broadband. And yet I'm still connected.

I have got rid of Comodo firewall for the moment and am using Windows firewall temporarily until I can sort this out.

  skidzy 16:08 26 Apr 2007

I assume you have got rid of the viruses now ?

Have you tried System Restore to a time before the Viruses.If this works and the system is stable,i would then reboot and disable SR,run the scans in safe mode/reboot and enable SR.This will create a new SR point,this is to validate a possible myth that the virus is not lodged in a restoire point.

I havnt seen the other thread, a link would be good.

  cowgirl66 16:11 26 Apr 2007

Here is my first thread which hsould explain in more detail the trouble i'm here

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