Internet Explorer 6 will not install

  Edith 07:57 28 Aug 2003

Downloaded IE 6 from MS via critical updates but am receiving a message that it has not installed. Have tried numerous times to achieve this. It gets as far as 91% then stops and says "unable to complete installlation". Running windows ME. Can anyone help?

  Edith 11:51 28 Aug 2003

feb - tried that but no luck. Keep getting the message that there is a verion of IE 6 waiting to complete. When I try and resume the set up proceedure this gets as far as 91% but then fails. Tried loading IE 6 from PC Advisor disc but it sees the previous version and says I should continue with that! I am going round in circles. Any other ideas?

  Edith 11:59 28 Aug 2003

Tog - can't really remember but i do not think so

  Edith 12:01 28 Aug 2003

feb do you mean delete or uninstall. As the programe doea not appear in the add remove folder in folder in the contro panel.

  Edith 12:40 28 Aug 2003

feb - thanks once again but even though I deleted IE6 from the windows update file I am still unable to load IE6 from the PC Advisor disc. My computer still continues to state that there is an incomplete setup process. Although I click on it, it gets as far as last time (91%) and then states it is unable to continue. Tried loading IE6 from the critical MS critical update site but it also "sees" the previous copy and advises me to run setup again! So I go round and round in a cirles. Any other suggestions?

  Edith 17:48 28 Aug 2003

Mallorca, Feb anf Joe C.

Thank you for your replies. Have not got back earlier as I had to go out. I am now printing off the article. Only problem I have is that I am not sure I have the confidence to tackle the problem but will give it some thought.

  Edith 20:49 28 Aug 2003

Star5 I would like to try what you suggest. How do I download ie6 to the desktop as opposed to the windows update file?

  Edith 20:52 28 Aug 2003

rev.bem thank you for the link. I am going to try and follow the tip from Star5 if I can find a way to load ie6 to the desktop.

  Edith 22:14 28 Aug 2003

Star5 Thank you for the information for downloading to the desktop. As a matter of interest I found an MS knowledge base article 309314 which I thought was simillar to your solution but even that did not work. I appear to have two devldr16.exe files as well as two windows update files. Not sure what devldr16.exe does but suspect the two copies are from my attempt to load ie6 more than once from the MS site. Will let you know how I get on.

  Edith 14:19 29 Aug 2003

Star5 - Still no joy. Even following MS knowledge base article 309314 which disables all backround running programmes ie6 setup will not finish executing. I feel the only logical answer to my problem might be to uninstall what has been installed and load ie6 from the latest pc advisor disc. However I cannot see the programme in the add remove folder and deleting ie6 it doesn't work. Would you have any suggetions or further help?

  Edith 15:43 29 Aug 2003

feb I went to Windows update file via explorer and deleted it.

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