tazzo85 22:17 26 Jul 2003

hi peeps, just wondering if there is anyway i can go back to IE 5.5 or earlier version as since i installed IE6 i keep getting messages when popups appear and i close them (something about it has an error and needs to close and it asks me do i want to report it to microsoft?). I am running Windows 98 Sec Ed and AOL 8.0.

  Gaz 25 22:21 26 Jul 2003

Off an old ISP disk or windows disk might have it.

  tazzo85 22:25 26 Jul 2003

everytime i try and install an earlier version off a disk or microsoft website, i keep getting the same message saying im installing an earlier version to whats on the computer already and it can not continue installation

  woodchip 22:26 26 Jul 2003

Go to Add Remove in Control Panel double click on Microsoft Internet Explorer choose to restore old version it will go back to version 4 you can then install 5,5 from an old cd disc as above

  woodchip 22:28 26 Jul 2003

PS you can try repair first if you want

  bjay 22:32 26 Jul 2003

I have an evesham computer with OEM Windows XP. The add/remove list in control panel does not have internet explorer listed. How can you remove or repair it?

  VoG II 22:43 26 Jul 2003
  woodchip 22:46 26 Jul 2003

Never did like IE I was forever running repair

  bjay 22:55 26 Jul 2003

Thanks, I have printed it out and will try it tomorrow morning when I'm fresh and well rested. Watch this space.
Wish me luck - goodnight sweet prince!

  VoG II 22:55 26 Jul 2003

Yep, I agree. I mostly use Opera (6.05) though I've got IE and Mozilla as well and use those too.

I find IE has an annoying habit of presenting a blank window with "Done" at the bottom left. I just don't get that with the others.

  VoG II 22:56 26 Jul 2003

"Sweet prince" - there must be an anagram in there somewhere!

Please tell me you are not a bloke!

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