Internet explorer 5.5 for a windows 95 PC

  Newuser917 18:16 03 Nov 2003

I have a PC running windows 95 and an application needs IE5.5 any suggestions on how I can get a copy? as the PC has an earlier version

  Cuddles 18:32 03 Nov 2003

Why not install ie6 which is available on a lot of cover discs.

  Newuser917 19:01 03 Nov 2003

thanks but ..
unfortunately IE6 is not compatable with windows 95 , 5.5 is the latest that is

  Pesala 19:01 03 Nov 2003

I have a PC Plus cover disk from October 2000 with IE5.5 on it. The directory is nearly 50 Megabytes with sixty-six files. I'd be happy to email it to you if you like. I can also post you the CD, but it might take a week or two to arrive.

  Pesala 19:03 03 Nov 2003

It would be easier to upload it to my webspace, and for you to download it from there.

  Newuser917 19:33 03 Nov 2003


that would be great if you could do it


  Pesala 18:30 15 Mar 2004

or know where it can be downloaded from?

I found older versions on click here but not 5.5. If you need it, email me.

  sidecar sid 19:07 15 Mar 2004

Any good?

click here

  Pesala 20:38 15 Mar 2004

added to my bookmarks, in case anyone else asks for it.

  Pesala 15:18 19 Mar 2004

Earlier had problem posting replies to old threads. Try again.

It seems that although ie5setup.exe can be downloaded from the above link, Internet Explorer 5.5 itself cannot be downloaded by the setup program. So a problem for Windows 95 users who want to upgrade to IE5.5.

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