internet explorer 5.5 or 6 ?

  charlton200 18:00 03 Sep 2003

in my windows update in the critical section there is an update for internet explorer 6 service pack 1.

now i am on windows m.e. running internet explorer5.5 (with service pack 2) and outlook express 5.

do i update to ie 6 or leave as i am.
if i do do it, do i just download ie 6 service pack 1.

and how does it work, does it just install over 5.5 or do i have to uninstall that first.

is ie 6 service pack 1 the same as internet explorer 6.
and how does outlook express fit into all this.

sorry for my ignorance in all this , any help would be appreciated.
thanks a lot.


  hugh-265156 18:10 03 Sep 2003

ie 6 service pack 1 is a full install of internet explorer 6 and will upgrade you automatically.outlook express will also be updated as its part of the package.go for it there is a lot of security fixes in ie6.

  charlton200 18:14 03 Sep 2003


do i just install it over 5.5.i dont have to uninstall that do i ?.

  charlton200 18:49 03 Sep 2003

also ,is there any chance that things will not go right because my wife is doing a online course and if things did not go right it would not help her.sorry if i sound over couscous.

  hugh-265156 19:30 03 Sep 2003

chances of things going wrong are small, make a restore point before updating just in case(i even think the installer does this anyway)your favorites etc will still be do not need to uninstall ie5.5 or outlook express first.

  charlton200 19:43 03 Sep 2003

thanks very much for your help.much appreciated.


  Stuartli 20:10 03 Sep 2003

IE6 will install over IE5/5.5 without problems - in fact 5 will still be listed (or usually is) in Add/Remove Programs.

IE6 is more stable and offers higher security levels (provided you also add the updates, patches etc).

Might be easier to use an up to date cover disk with IE6 on and then download the critical and other updates as it will be a smaller download.

If you want to get rid of any "branding" on a cover (or ISP) version of IE6, follow these instructions:

First close down Internet Explorer then click Start and Run. In the Open dialogue box type:

rundll32.exe iedkcs32.dll,Clear

(note the space after .exe and comma before Clear)

and click OK.

After restarting Internet Explorer the annoying ISP branding should disappear.

Removing the Title bar branding from Outlook Express, however, involves editing the Registry, so take whatever backup precautions you deem necessary before you start.

Then click Start, Run, type Regedit and hit Enter. Open in turn the following Registry folders: Hkey_Current_User, Identities, {id-number}, Software, Microsoft, Outlook Express. Select the folder 5.0 (or whatever version of Outlook Express you are running), then look in the righthand pane for a value named WindowTitle.

You can modify the text held in this value (double-click to edit it) or just delete it (I added my own name....!)

If more than one id-number appears in your Registry, you may need to repeat the exercise for each one.

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