Internet Explorer

  ordep 11:50 22 Nov 2013

I've 2 problems, maybe related. Yesterday, for the first time, I was unable to open my emails. After a reboot in know seems to be ok, maybe.

I keep getting "IE has stopped working, will try to resolve this issue" (but it never does). To try and resolve the issue myself, I've upgraded from IE10 to IE11, without any success. IE has become completely unusable as a result.

I'm running Windows 7 & IE11

  Woolwell 12:20 22 Nov 2013

Sorry but I don't find Firefox is faster than Chrome or IE11.

Try running IE without any add-ons under All Programs - Accessories - System Tools.

  ordep 13:32 22 Nov 2013

Thanks for your input.

I've turned Firewall off. I'll see how that go's for a couple of days.

When I researched this on the web there were saying go into tools. There doesn't appear to be a "tools" option.

I'm using Chrome at the mo, and that's working fine.

  Woolwell 14:20 22 Nov 2013

I would put the firewall back on as I doubt that it is the cause and having it off could create greater problems.

  Woolwell 14:22 22 Nov 2013

If you are missing tools in IE then it maybe because you do not have the menu bar displayed. Right click by the address bar and check that menu bar is ticked. You should then see Tools.

  ordep 15:02 22 Nov 2013

I've put the fire wall back on again.

I've been searching the web high & low as to why I haven't an address bar. I keep getting "swipe the charm on the right had side". I haven't got that either.

  rdave13 15:09 22 Nov 2013

Try closing IE then control panel, internet options, advanced tab and select reset internet explorer.

  Woolwell 16:21 22 Nov 2013

I suspect that you have a major problem with IE if the address bar is actually missing. The references to swipe the charm almost certainly refer to the IE app in W8.

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