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  ponytail 14:59 25 Mar 2010

When I click on my shortcut to internet explorer and the screen comes up there is a sort of address bar in the centre and the word search to the R/H side of the address bar.If I click on the address bar it comes up with a lot of sites I have looked on google it seems.I have been looking for a birthday present for my wife and all the details of my enquiries are on there and I seem unable to delete them.I have gone into internet options and clicked on clear and have deleted cookies,all temporary sites,and history of sites visited but it is still there.One other thing this comes up in the address bar when I go into internet explorer does anyone recognise it.

click here

Sorry this was so long hope someone can help.

  MAT ALAN 15:41 25 Mar 2010

click here

click here

these should help...

  Graham. 16:10 25 Mar 2010

Not IE5, surely?

ponytail, look in Programs for Radio Toolbar and see if there is an Uninstaller, or go to Control Panel, Add/Remove programs or similar, depending on your OS.

  Im a diddy 16:15 25 Mar 2010

op click here,gives a wot warning in firefox scan with malwarebytes see if it clears up
click here

  MAT ALAN 18:17 25 Mar 2010


Not IE5, surely? didn't spot that but it still should apply...

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