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  User-394903 11:10 10 Dec 2008

Morning all,
Running Win XP Home with SP3. I have been having problems with I.E. and corrected it with the assistance of PCA. This site, for me anyway, is the best anyone can turn to when problems arise that needs the attention of the more pc techie.
The problem I had was:- Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close...etc. Sending a report and clicking the More Information link, led to the Micrsoft site to check my pc for critical updates. There were no updates to be had. Enter PCA. In a post under the heading Internet Explorer has encountered a problem, I found the answer by going to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced Tab and pressed the Reset button. I've had no messages since, that require IE to close. Great! However, My daughter emailed a job application form to me to print for her, which, when sent had no defects in any way. When printed the form had lines straight through the middle of the text going from left to right.
I set up an older pc and after doing all the updates, had the form sent to me again. It printed off-no problem.
I must stress that before taking IE back to it's original state, all text in forms etc was showing normal when viewed on-screen.
If this post seems a bit long winded I apologise,
but I felt that I ought to give as much detail as possible.
I have to go out but will be back about 4 this afternoon, and thank you for any assistance to correct the problem.

  FreeCell 15:25 10 Dec 2008

How do you receive the emails? Is it webmail, such as Googlemail or with a maildownload program like Outlook Express?

Trying to see the connection between IE and the printing problem. Did the text look okay when viewed in Print Preview?

  User-394903 20:51 10 Dec 2008

Hi Freecell, sorry for the delay, just got in. I receive emails through OE. My every day pc is a HP Pavilion, that now shows the problem on-screen of the lines across the centre of the text in the job application form that I received from my daughter. This problem has only come about since taking IE back to it's original state, because of the continual annoyance of the message:- Internet Eplorer has encountered a problem...etc. There was never any problem before that.

On an older pc that I set up, and after downloading the updates, The job app. form can be viewed in its unblemished state, which I have printed off for her-no problem. With respect, I don't see how it can be an email problem. Thanks for your help,and any suggestion as to how to correct the problem is appreciated.

  FreeCell 16:53 11 Dec 2008

Sorry you said that application form was emailed to you, so presumed it was a document in Word or similar. So you mean the form was a webpage which is why Internet Explorer was opening it. Is that right.

You haven't said which version of IE or O/S but assuming IE7 does it make any differences if you run it without add-ons. Go to Start- All programs - Accessories - System Tools and choose Internet Explorer (No Addons). This will isolate problem to IE.

  User-394903 17:45 11 Dec 2008

My pc is a HP Pavilion. The OS is Win XP Home with SP3 and IE7. When I right click the IE icon (which is the short-cut) the message comes up that IE is running without add-ons.

  FreeCell 20:14 11 Dec 2008

If you right click the icon you should get an option to run without add-ons. If you run with and without add-ons does it make any difference?

Is the application form they only thing to have been affected by this problem? There is an html code instruction <strike> that displays text with a strikethrough each text character as you describe but puzzled why it should have been with the application form.

  User-394903 21:56 11 Dec 2008

When I right click the IE icon the message 'IE is currently running without add-ons' appears, so I close it. If I then open my home page, which at this time is Google, and go to tools, the drop down has in it 'Manage Add-ons' and has 2 further options, 'Enable or Disable Add-ons.' and 'Find More Add-ons.' I have clicked 'Enable or Disable Add -ons' and it is at this point I am hesitant because I don't know what I should do with the list that comes up in 'Manage Add-ons'

The app. form, which has been sent to me by 2 different people on request, and on each occasion it was sent as an attach. Each time the attach. is opened, the StrikeThrough is present.

  bluto1 22:23 11 Dec 2008

click here

This might be of some help

  User-394903 00:25 12 Dec 2008

Hi bluto1, Thanks for the 'click here' Two of the three boxes referred to were checked, so I've unchecked them. I think the way forward now is to have the application form sent to me again as an attachment in OE, open it and see if any changes have taken place. Will get back.

  User-394903 00:28 13 Dec 2008

The form was sent to me again and this time there were no problems(StrikeThroughs). This was, presumably, from unchecking the boxes as suggested in the 'click here' link. Thanks again guys. So it's click resolved and good night

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