Internet Explorer

  The Dark Sage 10:10 21 Jul 2004

Weird problem.

On one of the PC's at work Internet Explorer just stops working. It doesn't hang or say not responding, it just doesn't do anything when you click on a link or type in an address in the bar.

You can sometimes get through a page or two before this happens, but it always happens no matter who is logged in. The PC is windows XP and is on a network, and none of the other machines are affected by this problem. It is fully patched up and a AV sweep comes up blank.

Bit stumped on this one - anybody got any ideas?

  LastChip 10:21 21 Jul 2004

Load an alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox (which can easily be removed) and see if the problem still exists.

If it doesn't, the problem is almost certainly with IE. If the problem is still there, it's going to be with your network or Firewall set-up.

  The Dark Sage 10:28 21 Jul 2004

Is not a problem as I wrote it luckly enough!

I have Firefox on my PC and so it will be easy enough for me to install and try it. The problem can't be with the firewall or the network though because dozens of other machines with exactly the same settings are working fine - its just this one!

  Androcles 10:39 21 Jul 2004

Have you tried removing and reinstalling Explorer?

  The Dark Sage 10:47 21 Jul 2004

Its on the more drastic side of my things to try list.

Trying to avoid it because of all the patches that I will have to reinstall, which will take the PC out of action for a while

  LastChip 10:48 21 Jul 2004

I didn't mean the physical network necessarily itself, but the network settings and/or files within the XP machine.

By trying an alternative browser, if it then works, you have really narrowed it down to a fault in IE itself, and if that's the case, with XP, its probably quicker just to re-install.

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