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  wingfield 16:40 06 Jun 2004

OK Guys, so I've got IE 6 with service pack 1 and Java with all the updates known to man and they're not talking to one another most of the time. Occassionly they might and I can get my work e-mails and other affected sites but most times I can't. I've been on to the Java site and trawled through their help pages but no joy. I've tried to un-install IE but although there is a sub folder within the IE folder marked Uninstall it doesn't do what it says on the box! I have got hold of another IE 6 to install but when I try I get a message about having a more recent version and it won't install.
Short of a complete re format and installation (which I'd rather not do because of space restrictions in doing backups) is there anything else to suggest?

  LastChip 17:01 06 Jun 2004


  wingfield 18:26 06 Jun 2004

XP Pro

  Eastender 19:27 06 Jun 2004
  LastChip 20:21 07 Jun 2004

If Eastender's link does not solve your problem, do you have any firewalls activated.

First. You shouldn't run more than one firewall at any time, so if XP's built in firewall is active, any others (Zone Alarm, Norton etc.) should be deactivated and visa-versa.

Second. If you have a firewall running, temporarily disable it and see if you have the same problems. This is purely a step to rule out a firewall interfering with Internet Explorer.

  wingfield 22:21 07 Jun 2004

can I disable the firewall in the router which everything goes through?

  LastChip 22:00 08 Jun 2004

But if there is no change to your problem, make sure you reactivate it.

On the other hand, if it clears the problem, then it is a question of finding out specifically, which part of the firewall processes are causing the problem. It could be, that ports required to pass data, have inadvertently been closed.

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