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  Pccillin 13:54 27 Dec 2003

Having a problem with IE 6.
When I have opened IE and then open another one the seconed on opens Minised. I have to manually right click and maximise it.

Can you tell me how if there is a way to set IE to open maximised all the time?


  VoG II 13:59 27 Dec 2003

Close all IE windows except the small one. Drag it to fill the screen (do NOT maximise it).

File/Close (NOT X) to close it.

The next time it should open full screen.

  Stuartli 14:19 27 Dec 2003

Usually this method works fine but, even now, I still get the occasional window that opens in minimised form...:-)

  Pccillin 15:32 27 Dec 2003

How can I drag it when it doesnt open up at all. It only open in my task bar. I have to right click to do anything with it.

I want it to open on my screen. Then I can do as you advised.

So how do I get it to open on my screen?


  VoG II 15:39 27 Dec 2003

Sorry, didn't realise it was stuck on the task bar.

If you right click on it do you get a Restore option. If so then proceed above.

  Pccillin 15:49 27 Dec 2003

Hi VoG

When I right click on it in the task I can 'restore' it but I doesn't do anything. The only thing that puts it on the screen is to Maximise it.

Then when I close and open another one it still stuck in the taskbar, then here we go again.

What to do?


  VoG II 15:52 27 Dec 2003

Maximise it, double click on the blue title bar.

Then File/Close.

I hope this works!

  Pccillin 16:00 27 Dec 2003

Thanks For your Patience.

But that hasn't worked either. Still suck in the taskbar.


  VoG II 16:14 27 Dec 2003

Close all Internet Explorer Windows.

Start, Run, type in


and click OK.

File/Export and save a backup of the registry to the desktop. In the very unlikely event that something goes wrong you can double-click it to restore the registry.

In the left hand pane navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main then highlight the Window_Placement value in the right hand pane and press the delete key. Exit the Registry Editor and reboot.

  Pccillin 16:35 27 Dec 2003

Still not opening. Just flashing in the task bar.


  VoG II 16:46 27 Dec 2003

Try a repair click here

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