Internet Explorer 11 - OK to install?

  john bunyan 18:49 13 Nov 2013

Thee were lots of updates today on W7. One was an optional IE11. I usually do not go for beta options etc, but this looks OK . Unless anyone here says stop I propose to install it soon.

  Pine Man 19:25 13 Nov 2013

It's not beta it's the real deal and very good:-)

  Woolwell 21:39 13 Nov 2013

Concur with Pine Man. No problems so far.

  john bunyan 22:29 13 Nov 2013

Thanks - I will go ahead with it

  mooly 19:56 16 Nov 2013

How do you find youtube in IE11 ? Any issues such as not responding ?

IE11 also causes many of the W7 gadgets to display incorrectly if using a desktop DPI setting of 125% as many do.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:28 16 Nov 2013

I gave-up using any version of Internet Explorer when it became clear that, in-spite of Microsoft's huge development resources, they cannot produce a browser that comes close to Opera, in my opinion.

  Woolwell 21:40 16 Nov 2013

There are security risks with W7 gadgets see MS security advisory

  Quiller. 22:09 16 Nov 2013

That's a bit old. Its dated

"Published: 10 July 2012 | Updated: 03 July 2013"

Have been using beta 11 for awhile and had the full update last week. I've had no problems all the way through with windows 7.

  Woolwell 15:56 17 Nov 2013

Just discovered that TomTom doesn't like IE11.

  compumac 16:02 17 Nov 2013


TomTom advised me to use Chrome for updating and not IE.

  john bunyan 17:07 17 Nov 2013

So far no problems with IE 11. My wife has just got a new car with Tom Tom and an SD card - there is one free update in 3 months. Could those that use it just quickly say how to update? Can one do it on a ad hoc basis or does one need an account etc? My wife is a bit PC averse, and I may have a few problems soon.

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