internet explorer

  kat18sgc 23:25 05 Sep 2003

can anyone help im having a problem with internet explorer when i click on it the hour glass appears for a few seconds and the e appears on tool bar then they both dissapear and nothing happens.
i have tried re installing it but no difference i also noticed that when i put in a coverdisc i cannot brouse that either cause no explorer same happens hour glass for a few seconds then nothing is there maybe a setting that i have mistakenly set or something like that
using windows xp pentium 4 2.53 proccessor
anyy suggestions welcome.

  Forum Editor 23:37 05 Sep 2003

to reinstall Internet Explorer.

In My computer, click on the C drive and open the program files folder. Find the Internet Explorer folder, open it, and click on the icon marked: ie6setup

  kat18sgc 23:45 05 Sep 2003

i did as stated in posting

  krypt1c 05:33 06 Sep 2003

Have you tried the repair option, rather than re-installing. If you go into settings > control panel > add/remove programs > then select IE and click on change/remove a window opens that offers the option to repair.

  daba 17:38 06 Sep 2003

I'm following this thread because I'm trying to track done an IE6 problem I've had a while. Sometimes when I start IE6, the page 'hangs' with only the basic screen drawn, i.e. no menu items or icons or anything else. Ctrl-Alt-Del tells me IE6 has stopped responding, so I end the task, then start IE6 again, most times successfully.

If you repair IE6, presumably it removes any updates and hotfixes done by Windows Update.

Does W.Update recognise this and prompt for those that need to be done again ?

Or do I have to make a note of all the updates done (in Help-About) ?

  krypt1c 20:34 06 Sep 2003

daba, sorry but I can't say. I've never had to use the repair option [I don't use IE I use Crazy Browser], although I suppose it might depend on what needs repairing ;-)

  kat18sgc 22:34 06 Sep 2003

thnx all but i ended up re installing windows

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