Internet Explore problem

  TRICKY 14:44 26 May 2006

I have recently uninstalled Norton Internet Security and install NTL_NETGUARD.

Since then I have found two annoying problems

1. On opening Outlook to download emails. Downloads stick on first option. If I stop the process. The go back to Recieve mail, it all comes through properly. It will do until I close Outlook, then I have the same problem when I reopen it.

2. Second problem is no matter what web address I open, in the first instance i get a white screen with instructions that it cant open. If I click the refresh button, the page will open.

Both above are achieveable if I do as I have explained. Its just a pain having to do something that you shouldnt have to do.

I have spoken to NTL. They have no Idea. I am in WIndows XP.

Anyone with any ideas how to cure this please?

  TRICKY 11:57 01 Jun 2006

I take it no body has come across this before? Surprised not to get a single reply.
Its begining to frustrate me now.

Any help would be welcomed

  Eric half-a-bee 12:35 01 Jun 2006

With regard to the IE problem, it's sounds similar to click here - that might give you some help.

For Outlook, I have a similar problem in that the initial Send/Receive sometimes takes much, much longer than any subsequent communication, although it's nothing to do with NTL (tiscali, McAfee AV, ZA firewall) if I get fed upwaiting I cancel it and re-Send/Recieve manually.
You could try turning off the Send/Receive on startup option - Tools/options/Mail Setu-up - untick the box.

  yogibear 20:44 24 Aug 2006

I don't have the email problem, though I do get a timeout error message sometimes, but I am having major probs with my web browsing. If I try to follow a link from any page, the page I link from vanishes meaning I have to log on again.

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