Internet Exploer unwanted pop ups

  Spr 09:46 29 Mar 2018

Every time I try to open a page in Internet Explorer,this page appears, Access Free Maps web search on new tab page [Free Download} then my Virus checker Kaspersky pops up & blocks the page from opening. How do I get rid of this pop up

I am running Widows 10 my Laptop is MSI Dragon using Microsoft 2003

  Gordon Freeman 10:05 29 Mar 2018

I'd try doing a full virus scan first, then do a scan with malware bytes antimalware. Seems you might have got a nasty of some description which could have hijacked your browser. Also check what add-ins you have in Internet Explorer & get rid of it there if possible. Also check in your programs & features - something might have installed there too.

  Gordon Freeman 10:10 29 Mar 2018

MBAM free

  • make sure you click for the free version

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