internet-enabling a lap-top

  end 11:13 19 May 2004

am sure the answer is not what I want to hear, but....assuming one needs a modem or similar to get a thing to conect with the internet ( apart from all the other bits), is this a "downloadable" thing or something that has to be inserted by a technician??? and roughly how much might the beastie cost????

  Chronos 11:41 19 May 2004

if one is not already fitted, it would be cheaper to go and buy one, then just plug it in...

  end 11:44 19 May 2004

do they come in "all shapes and sizes" or "standard" ( one very novice here), and roughly how much am I "looking at" £ p wise???

  billyliv 11:47 19 May 2004

Hi, You should have a socket on your laptop where a telephone cable plugs in. You should also have Internet Explorer which includes Outlook Express. There I will stop because it isnt worthwhile continuing if you dont have the above. Post back. Cheers, Bill

  Chronos 11:49 19 May 2004

all sizes, all colours, from about £15, maybe cheaper online. you sure that one is not already fitted?

  TomJerry 11:50 19 May 2004

Which way you want to do? Cost around £30 even less, no technician needed. A 4 years old kid can do it.

What is the spec or model of your laptop? When you list info, a lot of people will point out to you what kits to get and where is the cheapest place to get.

  TomJerry 11:51 19 May 2004


  spanneress 11:54 19 May 2004


You can plug and external modem in or purchase a PCMIA modem card which is just slightly bigger than a credit card and slots into supplied spaces on the lap top. Have a look and just check you don't have internet capability (a phone plug looky likey socket), USB or PCMIA slots....

  TomJerry 12:21 19 May 2004

If you want to link to interenet by dial-up, please READ more and get a lot of info before you actually make connection. Otherwise, you could end up paying huge phone bill. A lot of people have been conned out of thousands of pounds simply because they let PC auto ring and not checking dialing number everytime they connect to net.

  end 17:47 19 May 2004

sorry. peopels, been dealing with my smashed up car; refer to this thread for the lap top deatils please click here

I HAVE got a USB and a 4"pronged" extension lead FOR it. I ahve a thingi on the back which LOOKS like almost a "double" aerial socket; plus various connection port spresumably for printer etc; on the SIDE I have a hole apprrox 2" long into whcih I presume SOMETHING fits at som stage. plus I ahve my floppy and CD on broadband with main computer, and have disc FOR that; outlook express 5;internet explorere is ON there but cannot find which version and it si NOT listed int eh windows set up porgrams before u ask!!!the icon IS on the desk top and obviously when I press IT it tells me there is no connectiion ot the internet, which there aint!!!

next....???? ( and , it iS "second-hand"; )

  spanneress 18:07 19 May 2004

OK...I got most of that! If you go to control panel are there any modem details listed there? Have you looked in device manager?

The 2" hole on the side is your PCMIA can purchase a modem card to fit in there which comes with cable to fit into it and the phone point.

TRy downloading Aida32 to find out more details about your system hardware and software, there are loads of links to it in this forum.

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