Internet & E-mail Access

  SABRE 16:13 01 Jul 2004

I have just purchased a laptop and will need to use it on my travels around Europe to access the web and e-mails. Can anyone suggest the best way of doing this? I suppose the answer is what ISP provides a unuversal dial up number, but I bow to peoples experience.

  rawprawn 16:24 01 Jul 2004

I may be wrong, but my friend uses his laptop all over the world. As far as I know he just plugs into the hotel phone and uses his normal dialling code for his ISP, but of course it is charged as a call to the UK wherever he is. Just like making a phone call home.

  SABRE 16:31 01 Jul 2004

......but this must cost your friend a b....y fortune. Hotel phone charges plus the cost of an International call must come to a few bob. There has to be a cheaper way!!

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