Internet drops for 10-20sec multiple times a day

  Gabriel Skadhauge Hamann 00:13 04 Jul 2018


For the last 2-3 months, I've been experiencing some issues with my internet connection. Multiple times throughout the day, my internet connection will drop for about 10-20 seconds at a time, then return to normal. It drops the internet connection for everything on my computer, whether I'm playing games or talking to people through skype, it ceases all internet connectivity on the computer for the 10-20 second period.

I've been in contact with my ISP about this for months, and I've gotten a new router sent to me, bought a new ethernet cable and it have not solved anything as of yet. If it has any relevance, my ISP is Hiper (Danish company afaik) and I've been using their internet for over a year without many issues, until 2-3 months ago.

A few things I can mention that might help find the source of the problem:

  • Im using a router which was given to me by my ISP, and I'm using a wired connection from my computer to my router (ethernet), and I'm using a desktop PC I built myself around 3 years ago.

  • I believe its likely not on my ISP's end, and more so something on my end disturbing my connection, if so what could it be? If there is some sort of damage to my PC, which part of it would cause this kind of issue? The motherboard maybe?

I'm desperate to get this solved, so any suggestions, questions or input you might have that could help me, I would appreciate a lot!

  wee eddie 00:20 04 Jul 2018

The usual cause for problems similar to yours is electrical equipment turning on/off.

Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Fridges and Ovens. Kettles and Microwave usually draw too little power to cause this effect, but do not ignore the possibility

  Gabriel Skadhauge Hamann 00:25 04 Jul 2018

What sort of electrical equipment could cause this then? Other than those you mentioned, the only electrical equipment I have in my house is my brothers xbox one and ps4, my television or my brothers pc, could one of those cause something like this?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:39 04 Jul 2018 internet connection will drop for about 10-20 seconds at a time...

You first need to determine whether it's your router that's disconnecting the Internet connection or a problem with your computer:

If you have an ADSL or fibre service and you're using the Hiper-provided Zyxel router then immediately check its status LEDs the next time you get disconnected. If the Internet LED is off then you are not connected to your ISP. Also, for normal operation the DSL LED should be solid green.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:47 04 Jul 2018

Change the filters to your phone / TV / PC etc. on your line a bad filter can cause this intermittent dropping.

  Gabriel Skadhauge Hamann 23:47 04 Jul 2018

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It happend again tonight twice, and I checked the lighting on my router, and it wasnt changing in any way when it happend.

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Fruit bat

I'm not entirely sure on how to do that and what it means exactly, could you explain more in detail? :D

  Secret-Squirrel 08:28 05 Jul 2018

........I checked the lighting on my router, and it wasnt changing in any way when it happend.

Thanks for the feedback. That proves that your router is not disconnecting from the Internet so it's unlikely there's something wrong with your line.

The next time you get a connection failure, check the Ethernet status icon bottom-right by the clock. Does it show a disconnected state or not? I should have mentioned that yesterday so apologies for that.

Let me know what you discover and I'll advise further.

By the way, you've proved that you don't have a filter problem so don't waste your time and money replacing them. There's a good chance that your setup doesn't use filters anyway.

  Gabriel Skadhauge Hamann 21:37 05 Jul 2018

Hey Secret-Squirrel,

I did as you said and checked the ethernet status icon the next time it happend. The ethernet icon was appearing as usual, nothing observed to be as it shouldnt be there.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:08 06 Jul 2018

Thanks Gabriel. From what you've said so far it doesn't indicate that you have an ISP problem nor a hardware one. Here are some tips for you to help discover what sort of software problem it could be:

1) The next time you get a disruption head over to Event Viewer as it may list the problem and identify what's responsible.

In the centre pane, look at the "Summary" section for any Critical, Error, or Warning events that occurred in the last hour. If you spot something relevant then double click on the event to view the full details. If you need help with the event description then highlight the text, press CTRL+C on your keyboard then paste it into your reply.

2) Is your PC running a third-party firewall? If so then temporarily disable it for testing purposes.

3) Are there any other programs running on your PC that could affect Internet connectivity?

  Gabriel Skadhauge Hamann 22:16 06 Jul 2018

Hey again Secret-Squirrel, I checked for any thrid party windows firewalls and as far as I could see there was none enabled except the windows defender firewall.

I also checked the event log as you described the next time it happend, and here is what it gave me within the last hour, for Critical errors / Warnings. There was 4 diffrent ones, and there was two of each for all of them:

The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device ACPI\PNP0A0A\2&daba3ff&0.

Windows Hello for Business provisioning will not be launched. Device is AAD joined ( AADJ or DJ++ ): Not Tested User has logged on with AAD credentials: No Windows Hello for Business policy is enabled: Not Tested Windows Hello for Business post-logon provisioning is enabled: Not Tested Local computer meets Windows hello for business hardware requirements: Not Tested User is not connected to the machine via Remote Desktop: Yes User certificate for on premise auth policy is enabled: Not Tested Machine is governed by none policy. See click here for more details.

WLAN Extensibility Module has stopped. Module Path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\bcmihvsrv64.dll

Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-V Network link is disconnected.

Hope this can help discover what is causing this :D

  Secret-Squirrel 11:58 07 Jul 2018

Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-V Network link is disconnected.......................WLAN Extensibility Module has stopped. ..........................

So your Ethernet adapter and wireless adapter are disconnecting. That's very curious. Your Event Viewer logs don't tell us anything useful about what caused the disconnections.

Dave's suggestion about updating the Ethernet drivers is a good one.

If that doesn't hep then do you have, or can you borrow, a USB WiFi dongle to try? It's probably best if you disable both onboard network adapters as well.

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