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  collinsc 16:48 01 May 2009


My dad is on tiscali broadband in the next room.. i am accessing the network via wirelss to my laptop.

can anyone advise a) how i check the download speed and usage to my dads pc and b) if it possible to do the same for my laptop?

thanks kindly

  Clapton is God 16:52 01 May 2009

Use this on each computer click here

  collinsc 17:27 01 May 2009

Thanks kindly

  collinsc 17:35 01 May 2009

As an interesting test:

i am soon moving house and am deciding what internet ISP i should opt for. I wondered if you'd be willing to test your upload/download speeds and let me know who your ISP is!?

DL: 5237 KBPS
UL: 669 KBPS

ISP: Tiscali - Wirelessely Connected via laptop


  Technotiger 18:06 01 May 2009

No point in anyone else testing their speeds, or indicating who their ISP's are, simply because the most crucial part of getting good speeds is your actual BT Line capabilities, or whether the 'tester' is using Cable as opposed to BT line - among other things, like distance from exchange, old BT line or modern fibre optics etc etc.

You are getting very good speeds, while I am getting less that 2meg. Not because my hardware is inferior, or because I am with BT, but because in my case, my actual location is poor as regards line speeds.

  Sea Urchin 18:10 01 May 2009

Speeds depend on the particular phone line in question, and are affected by distance from the exchange as well as several other factors. So knowing my ISP and download/upload speeds will have no relevance to your setup.

  Sea Urchin 18:10 01 May 2009

Cross posted - must type faster

  Technotiger 18:14 01 May 2009

No problem - we've all done it, more than once :-)

  Andsome 18:14 01 May 2009

If you live in a cabled area get in touch with Virgin. I pay for a 10MB connection and NEVER achieve less than 9.85MB.

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