Internet download probs.....updates

  RKMonty 00:08 02 Sep 2005

Have tried to add Spybot and Ad Aware programs to my pc......and find that I can down load the programs ok...but when both say I need to update latest definitions and 'click' on to update...pc shows the window saying trying to download updates but then nothing happens..look in task manager and says not responding or running and nothing ever updates...just seems to freeze.
Am on broadband...and have been having a few problems with hanging shutdown when connected to internet. When internet is off...shut down is very quick....
Are these problems linked ?? is a setting incorrect or ?? Any help would be appreciated...Thanks

  johnnyrocker 00:22 02 Sep 2005

it would help if you told us about your system and what you have otherwise it is a case of how long is a piece of string to try and solve your prob.


  RKMonty 00:45 02 Sep 2005

I'm using Windows XP with SP2 loaded. Connected to Telewest Broadband 1MB....
Please let me know if you need more info...thanks

  RKMonty 00:48 02 Sep 2005

Also have Norton internet Security 2005, Webroot Window Washer, an earlier version of Adaware and SpyBlaster. I have recently uninstalled Spy Sweeper

  RKMonty 19:39 02 Sep 2005

Is it because the 'updates sites' are busy ??

  mattyc_92 19:41 02 Sep 2005

Try SpyBot again... It is working for me (downloaded the updates about 2 hours ago)

And yes, it is to do with the servers being busy.... Just try again tomorrow if you don't have any luck tonight.

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