Internet Dongle Required at Short Notice

  Ger77 21:29 06 Jun 2018

I need to purchase an internet dongle to cover a lack of connection for a period of approx 3 weeks.

Our internet provider (BT) has offered to pay £30 to the cost of this.

What is the best option for me to get this device? It will be for my parents - so I cannot use my phone allowance as I'll not be there and they have no data for their (PAYG) phones.

What are my best options for a short term connection? (I'm with EE for a number of years now for my mobile).


  Ger77 22:28 06 Jun 2018

Just realised that I might have an old handset lying around that could be used as a hotspot.

Are data only sims an option?

  difarn 23:47 06 Jun 2018

You can get data only sims but I think they may only be 4G.

click here may be easier to get something like this

click here


  alanrwood 10:46 07 Jun 2018

Data sims are compatible with GPRS, 3G and 4G and adjust automatically to the best signal.

Frankly £30 is a miserly sum to offer. A 4G dongle will cost that and then you then need to buy a data sim.

Pich an unlocked dongle and check which is the strongest mobile network signal in the area before buying a sim

  difarn 14:27 07 Jun 2018

After further investigation, as alanrwood says, data sims are compatible with GPRS, 3G and 4G. Whether you can get hold of these at short notice I'm not sure. When I moved house and had to wait 3 weeks for my internet connection I purchased an EE dongle similar to the one in my link and it worked satisfactorily for surfing, sending e mails etc. The beauty is that they are available at short notice.

  alanrwood 19:07 07 Jun 2018

They are found at the best price on eBay.

I have used them for years at my caravan and this is being submitted on a mobile dongle on "3".

They are easy to install, just plug into a USB socket and let the connection software install automatically. Then away you go.

  scales 23:51 07 Jun 2018

Do they have BT users nearby? When my cable internet went down for a fortnight I found I could pick up nearby BT WIFI with Fon hotpots and buy short term access. 5 day is 25 pounds and 30 day is 39 pounds.

  wee eddie 03:41 08 Jun 2018

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