Internet disconnects when watching videos

  arthurmark 00:26 28 May 2017


As of the 18th of this month my internet has recently been disconnecting when streaming videos online on both Chrome and Firefox with and without a wired internet connection on Windows 10.

Usually, the computer picks up and automatically connects to networks however the 'home' section will say disconnected. Usually resetting the computer will resolve the issue for a short while.

I have tried turning off firewalls and checking the computer for viruses using AVG, neither of which have made a difference.

I have tried using the troubleshooter which appears when the internet disconnects which usually either temporarily fixes the issue, or says that the internet is connected and that no issue has been found despite the internet not being usable and 'home' still saying disconnected.

All other devices in my house work flawlessly with the internet and my computer is the closest device to the modem.

Really hoping someone might be able to offer a solution...

  difarn 20:57 28 May 2017

Have you tried updating your network adaptor in device manager?

  riblo 26 17:22 29 May 2017

It might be your network card, try replacing it and see if it makes a difference.

  arthurmark 15:07 30 May 2017

Hi all,

I have tried updating the network adapter but I get a message saying that I have the most updated version.

  difarn 20:45 30 May 2017

Sometimes the TCP/IP stack gets corrupted and this can affect internet access. Have a look at this YouTube video showing you how to do this on Windows 10.

click here

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