Rickyv 19:35 26 Dec 2005

When our telephone rings the broadband internet connection, disconnects. The only way to get it to work is to ring the home phone number (sometimes 2 or 3 times. Then for some reason the internet comes back on. I am with Wannadoo and tey cannot help (pretty useless all of them). I have bought new microfilters but that hasnt helped. The phones are DECT ones. The total REM for all phones and ADSL/modem is 3. I am using a BT 2100 ADSL/modem router, but i have also tried Netgear and Belkin ones and they are the same. Any suggestions???

  Freddog™ 10:17 27 Dec 2005

Hey, click here
I think this will help.

  Rickyv 10:39 27 Dec 2005

I have replaced all the filters at least three times. They make no difference.

  Freddog™ 10:45 27 Dec 2005

Erm... Hit it with a sledge hammer?

Is there not a setting with dissconect when telephone rings or something?

  Rickyv 10:58 27 Dec 2005

sounds like a possibility - but where?

  Freddog™ 11:34 27 Dec 2005

I can't remember as I'm now on Broadband.

  Rickyv 13:29 27 Dec 2005

ER - so am I!!

  Freddog™ 13:57 27 Dec 2005

I meant I use Cable.
Before I had Dial-Up so I knew.

  Superstylin 14:15 27 Dec 2005

how exactly do you have the netowrk setup? ie in what configuration are your phones, pc's, router and filters?

  Rickyv 14:25 27 Dec 2005

The ADSL router is plugged into the master BT socket via a micro filter. A dect phone is also plugged in here via the filter. This phone is part of a 3 phone set. We have another DECT phone plugged into a seperate socket via another filter. This is also an answerphone and has another handset in a different room (but not connected to the phone line direct).

  selfbuild 16:08 27 Dec 2005

Try unplugging the phone that is sharing the filter with the ADSL router....

What happens? does the internet disconnect when the phone rings?

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