Internet disconnection problems

  evostevo69 07:46 25 Apr 2007

Over the past few months I have been having regular problems with the internet disconnecting. Firstly, I was using Orange with a LAN connection and had to reset router all the time to reconnect. Orange did various checks at on their server and I had new telephone connection and line installed and this made no difference. I finally decided it must be an Orange problem and so moved to Tiscali which is USB dial up broadband. Have just formatted my C drive and installed minimal software (modem, Norton internet security and Norton Systemworks, Microsoft Office 2007) Internet connection appeared fine until last night when it started disconnecting as before. I have checked settings and disabled things like auto-disconnect but it is still happening. Please can anyone advise. Thanks

  Miros 08:02 25 Apr 2007

I have a friend in sheltered accommodation which supplies a PC free for residents to use, the problem is the ISP is Orange, which continuously drops connection's so he prefers to use the local library instead. I have heard that Tiscali again is also very problematic.
I have used AOL silver for a number of years now, I have my gripes about it, but one thing for sure is that it seldom drops a connection, if it does it's aways back on again in seconds. Conclusion! change once more!!

  MAJ 08:03 25 Apr 2007

Sounds like a problem with your line, how fa are you from your exchange? Have you done the Quiet Line test at 17070 option 2? Excessive line noise can be a cause of constant connection dropout.

  birdface 08:06 25 Apr 2007

Uninstall Norton using the removal tool, click here Then run C Cleaner,Then reinstall Norton.It has to be removed using the removal tool or all old settings will restart with computer.If this is not the problem then we can concentrate on other remedies.With dial up I think you need Filers on your phone sockets,I use cable so don't have that problem,

  birdface 08:16 25 Apr 2007

Or try,Control Panel, Administrative tools,Sevices,And scroll down to DNS Client,Make sure it is set to automatic.I always reccomend uninstalling Norton.As a high percentage of the time It is a firewall Anti-Virus problem,Zone Alarm is the same at the moment.Worth a try and nothing to loose.Or you could try ,Control Panel,Network connections,Repair,See if there are any problems with DNS Cache.

  Graham. 08:27 25 Apr 2007

Forgive my ignorance - what is USB dial up broadband?

  Technotiger 08:40 25 Apr 2007

Hi, I think you are getting your terminology in-a-twist ...

A broadband modem is hardware which allows you to get connected to the Internet. This is essential in order to receive broadband. Tiscali will send you a free USB modem. A dial up modem will not work for broadband.

  Technotiger 08:48 25 Apr 2007

In IE Tools>Internel Options>Connections and check 'Never dial a connection' is selected.

  evostevo69 08:56 25 Apr 2007

Thanks everyone for advise... I thought because I get presented with a screen that says dial when I connect to internet, that it was a dial up connection. I have checked a number of the things you have all suggested and all settings ok. I have not attempted Buteman's suggestion to uninstall Norton yet as I have to go to work, but will attempt tonight. I had same problem when using this modem on my laptop and the software both computers have in common is Norton Internet Security. If I uninstall Norton, any advice on future Internet security. Thanks

  evostevo69 08:57 25 Apr 2007

If I check 'never dial a connection' wont this prevent me from accessing internet at all

  Technotiger 09:01 25 Apr 2007

No, for Broadband, dial-up is not used. Unless for any reason Tiscali is different to everyone else. I am with BT.

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