internet disconnecting every 2 hours

  sam jones 17:45 23 Oct 2005

i run wanadoo dial up on win xp and ever 2 hours im disconnected from the internet and its really annoying when im working does anybody know how to stop this??????

  johnnyrocker 17:50 23 Oct 2005

speak to wannadoo i would suggest, i seem to remember in the earlier days a form of capping on dial up was used to spread the load, or are you using bt talk time i think it is called where you talk free for up to two hours?


  Sans le Sou 18:07 23 Oct 2005

That is in your terms of service I believe, they boot you off every 2 hours same as when it was Freeserve

  Sans le Sou 18:10 23 Oct 2005

You have to keep your eye on the status window so you know when the heave-ho is coming, annoying but that's the way it is.

  CLONNEN 18:16 23 Oct 2005

2 hours is the standard cut-off time for dial-up users across all ISPs. It is so other dial-up users on the same service as you can get an internet connection. You aren't supposed to hog the ISP connection ALL the time - other users need to do stuff on the internet as well you know.

Just disconnect the internet session just before the 2 hours are up and then immediately try to reconnect. It sometimes won't let you reconnect immediately some ISPs lock you out for a certain number of minutes to allow other users to connect who have been waiting to get on.

The best time to use the internet if you are on dial-up is early in the morning (6am) before going to work.

  CMC 42 18:19 23 Oct 2005

When we had Tesco internet dial-up this was also the case. You could reconnect straight away though.

If you want to be on the internet all the time then the cost makes it a sensible choice to get broadband.

  CLONNEN 18:19 23 Oct 2005

If you need internet access ALL THE TIME you really need to upgrade to broadband.

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