Internet disconnect when accessing a forum

  Gizmocat 06:46 09 Dec 2007

For many years I have been able to access a forum I regularly use however recently whenever I try and read any thread I get an error message saying that internet explorer has encountered an error and needs to close(and does annoyingly close!).

The details of the error are:-


I have no problems like this with any other forum on any other site. Any ideas?

  Kemistri 13:32 09 Dec 2007

Does the issue repeat in other browsers?

  Kemistri 13:35 09 Dec 2007

Oh, and in case you were wondering what that file is about, it is generated by the Error Reporting service and uploaded to MS if you permit it. Most people turn off ER pretty quickly.

  Gizmocat 14:30 09 Dec 2007

Hi - no I dont get the problem in any other browser.
I dont normally send the error report but as it is one that I would really like to sort, I thought copying the info into thread may have been a help. Sorry am a bit of a novice.
A thought - am still using IE6 although from time to time I do seem to get an auto page come up inviting me to download IE7 - would that make any difference?

  Kemistri 15:13 09 Dec 2007

In that case, in the absence of a solution, use another browser when viewing the problematic website. Yes, you should update to IE7 if you are not using IE6 for testing and debugging, but only for its improved security. Anyone who uses Firefox, Opera, etc. does not need to worry so much about it, since nearly all internet access from parent applications occurs via the default browser; only a very small number of programs insist on piggybacking or launching IE. Obviously, it is necessary for MS updates, but I think we can safely say that the MS website is safe.

  p;3 16:27 09 Dec 2007

you do not mention which site it is you are having problems accessing with IE6 browser which might help for other members to 'try out' to see if the 'fault' is at your end or not

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