Internet cut off

  U10 10:12 30 Oct 2003

I have a BT together 24/7 connection using Windows XP and have found recently that when I am online, I often get cut off for no apparent reason. I maybe going between sites or going from one page to the next and suddendly nothing happens and I get a "page not available" message. A few seconds later I am cut off. I've been on to BT who have increased the gain on the line. They have also checked my phone line which is fine apparently. What could be causing this problem to happen? It's starting to get a real nuisance because sometimes I'm even in the middle of downloading e-mails and everything just stops working. Is there a setting on IE6 I need to check, is it the modem setting or is it a registry problem? Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

  Lozzy 11:15 30 Oct 2003

How long are you on for before it cuts you off..

  rawprawn 11:16 30 Oct 2003

Try the obvious first go to network connections/properties/options tab look at "Idle time before haning up" make sure it is set to Never

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