internet crashing windows xp pro

  noddy2121 08:52 07 Feb 2006


I am using windows XP on my computer, it has been working fine for the past few months, and now i cant get on the internet.

When i double click internet explorer the computer crashes, the same happens when i load outlook and try to read my email.

The omputer works fine until i try and use anything that requires an internet connection.

I connect to a LAN, but my lan connectivity is fine, as i can access all shared folders on the server.

I have tried running spybot, but cannot run a system check until i update spybot, and when i try and update spybot i get the following error message.

"error retreiving update info file, socket error 10060, connection timed out"

This is a real tricky situation, can anyone please help me, all suggestions appreciated



  mgmcc 09:36 07 Feb 2006

It may be that the TCP/IP protocol has been damaged in which case open a Command Prompt window ("Start > Run", type CMD and click OK). At the prompt, type:

netsh interface ip reset resetlog.txt

and press Enter

(note the spaces in the command line). The original prompt will reappear, exit the Command Prompt window and reboot the PC.

  noddy2121 09:46 07 Feb 2006

Thanks very much for that, i will try it now


  noddy2121 09:49 07 Feb 2006

will this command only work with windows xp, because i have just enetered it in win2k and the command was not recognised



  noddy2121 10:28 07 Feb 2006


Thanks for your suggestion, but it did not work, the same problem is occuring

thanks anyway


  Gongoozler 10:46 07 Feb 2006

The only time I've come across the problem of the Internet connection crashing a computer, it was caused by faulty memory. It seems strange, I know, and I can only guess that the internet connection was accessing some RAM addresses that weren't normally used.

If Internet Explorer is causing the problem, try Firefox. This isn't integrated into Windows and so may not cause the crashes.

  keewaa 10:49 07 Feb 2006

This will do the same and allow you to backup first of all click here

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