Internet Connetcion

  NotSureBoutThis 12:37 14 Dec 2006

Can anyone please confirm, if the message at the system tray within the link is correct regarding my conection?

click here

I keep getting the message, that says "unsecured" I thought my connection was always secure

  Kate B 13:53 14 Dec 2006

It means you haven't switched on WEP or WPA encryption.

  NotSureBoutThis 14:50 14 Dec 2006

Hi Kate

Thanks, but no disrespect, I have no idea what you are referring to.

When I changed over to BB, I paid for the installation on my computer, the enginner told me my computer was “Secure”

  rodriguez 17:43 14 Dec 2006

The WEP or WPA encryption is to stop other people within range (or your neighbours) using your connection. If the engineer said it was secure, he should have already sorted this out. Did you watch the engineer set it up and if so, did you see them type in a key when they set the network up on your PC? This would be the WEP or WPA key that your computer uses to connect to wireless. The reason that bubble pops up is probably because it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting (your signal strength is shown as very low). You could try moving the wireless adapter round (as long as it's an external USB one) to see if the signal improves. Sometimes mine randomly pops up with that connected bubble, but the signal on mine is full.

  rodriguez 17:46 14 Dec 2006

PS I just noticed that the connection says Unsecured. If you post the make & model of your router I can find out how to put the encryption on yours.

  Kate B 17:51 14 Dec 2006

Sorry - rodriguez explains it well: you can (and probably should) set a key so that only people who know the key can connect to your network. I think the panic about encrypting a network is slightly overstated: the worst that is going to happen in practice is that you might find a neighbour using your broadband connection because s/he can connect wirelessly to your router. In theory someone could steal data on your machine by connecting in this way.

The low signal strength might also be because the radio frequency is swamped. If you live in a built-up area, try changing the channel (through the wireless section of your router's set-up page, which you access via your browser) to any channel other than 11, which is the default and which everyone else in your neighbourhood is probably on.

  NotSureBoutThis 11:15 15 Dec 2006


Thanks for the advice so far.

As regards watching the engineer set up my BB, I did watch him, however, not being computer literate, I had no idea what he actually did, apart from stating my computer was secure.

As far as setting a key so that only people who know the key can connect to your network, I'm afraid to do anything is case I mess up.

My signal strength is always showing as low, although I do live in a built up area, and I live directly under a flight path.

My wireless router is: Belkin Wireless Router (F5D723OUK4)

As you can see from the link below, my connection is not showing Unsecured today!!!

click here

Apologies if I sound stupid, but I'm confused by it all

I trust the above makes sense

  anskyber 11:26 15 Dec 2006

The wireless part of the connection is not related to where you live.

The wireless part is from your router to your PC or laptop. The advice earlier was to try to improve the path from the router to wherever you are using the computer. often just moving it a short distance can improve signal strength.

  NotSureBoutThis 12:08 15 Dec 2006

OK ansky

I now understand that bit, thank you

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