internet connects when i open any microsoft files

  gajo 12:53 06 Apr 2004

whenever i try and load any microsoft program files the internet tries to connect; twice for each program and twice for each file. this is time consuming and pretty annoying. Also happens for deleting files and such. Can anyone tell me how to stop this please? (i'm running windows 98).

  AndySD 14:29 06 Apr 2004

What version of Office?

  AndySD 15:15 06 Apr 2004

From e-mail

"it's office 2000. i've used it several years without this problem. can't pinpoint what i've done for it to start."

It may be a dogy Active X script or even a virus.

click here and try this. Also it may be worth your while updating Office 2000 click here

  clarki63 15:51 06 Apr 2004

I have had the same problem on a PC that is used for connecting to the net and has no email facility.

Running windows ME.

Only started happening recently. I have norton anti-virus installed and scan all documents I load.

Have removed internet connections to stop the pop-up connection box but not much uce if you want to connect to the net!!

  GaT7 15:52 06 Apr 2004

You can also try a 'repair' of Office 2000 or an uninstall/reinstall (last resort). click here to learn how (if you need it). (Remember: if you go down this route & have updated Office on AndySD's advice you may have to redownload the updates again.)

Trust you've scanned for viruses & ad/spyware to eliminate these possibilities.

PS - please post all replies to this Forum.

  gajo 17:05 19 Apr 2004

... thanks for all your suggestions. i also checked with adaware 6.0 (lavasoft) and didn't find anything much to go on. Have decided to reformat my computer, a pain but not the end of the world (well hopefully!).

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