Internet connects, but webpages won't load

  theresnogoodnamesleft 18:43 27 Nov 2005

The problem is with my mum's computer, I'm away at uni and don't have direct access to it.

Her computer has decent specs, more than enough for basic internet use, and runs on XP home edition. It has just had a broadband line installed, but this problem was present last week when it was still on dial up too.

Basically the computer is connected to the internet, and at decent speeds, but webpages won't really load at all - either in IE or firefox. The odd thing is that the homepage shows up, but the next page you try to load won't load at all - it's almost as if the browsers connection dies as soon as it's turned on.

Norton works antivirus 2005 is installed on it, and zonealarm was installed on it, although my mum says she somehow accidentally uninstalled zonealarm, so the firewall is the windows one.

Last time I was down, about a week ago, I checked all the connection settings, they are all fine, I tried clearing the cache, and I tried turning off the norton av to see if it was that, but none of that worked, I left it at that because my mum had already planned to have the broadband installed (blueyonder/telewest) at the weekend, I thought it would be fixed after that, but that wasn;t the case.

So I was wondering if anyone has experienced this or a similar problem and has any ideas on how to sort it?


  The Kestrel 19:17 27 Nov 2005

Go to contol panel then internet opyions and then click privacy tab. Check that this is set at medium level. If this does'nt work, try connecting to the internet with the firewall switched off. If this cures the problem, you will need to check on the firewall settings which programs are allowed access, correct these and then switch back on the firewall again.

  theresnogoodnamesleft 00:11 28 Nov 2005

If it's not that, are there any other things I can try changing to try and fix it?

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