Internet connects on start up

  TOMKITTY 16:58 10 Jul 2003

Does anybody know how to stop the inernet connection trying to connect on startup. Its driving me up the wall. The first 'connect to' dialogue pops up while the network connection dialogue is asking for a password. The 'connect to' box then appears three more times after the desktop has loaded. I am running windows ME and I cannot find any settings to stop the 'connect to' running. I have run a full Norton virus scan - no problems, and disabled all startup programmes in MSCONFIG.

Please help

  perpetually-perplexed 16:59 10 Jul 2003

have you checked your startup folder

  TOMKITTY 20:20 10 Jul 2003

The start up folder is empty.

Another strange thing that happens is that when system is opened in the control panel. Accesing device manager also opens the 'connect to' dialogue.

Thanks for that though perpetually-perplexed, it was something I had not thought of

  User-312386 20:24 10 Jul 2003

Go to tools>internet options>connections tab

Now make sure the little point is in "Never dial a connection"


  Mango Grummit 21:05 10 Jul 2003

This is nearly always a programme connecting as requested by your computer, with or without you asking. If Madboy's suggestion does not get results, come back, this can be sorted easily.

  Gaz 25 21:15 10 Jul 2003

Norton can cuase this, searching or updates

  jazzypop 21:27 10 Jul 2003

So can many, many other 'legal' programs, including Adobe Acrobat, Windows Update, your email client etc, etc.

If you really want to know what is trying to dial out, install a free software firewall such as Sygate (which will tell you the nae of the program trying to access the Web), or simply let it dial out and watch what happens.

  scottishwhite 21:40 10 Jul 2003

I regularly speak to people who connect to the Internet and are mystified as to why there PC keeps on trying to dial out. Another way of establishing what program is trying to access the internet BEFORE it connects (and bear in mind some of the premium rate numbers being used) I recommend them to use Ad-Aware or Spybot. These are programs which search your PC for all known 'dialler' programs and other bits of software that can track your internet usage.

Another possible reason is that you might have Windows Update set to automatically search for, download and install any updates.

  noddy 1 22:07 10 Jul 2003

Are you using ZA, If so check for updates as one of the previous versiond did this.

  Mango Grummit 01:16 11 Jul 2003

You OK now?

  alcudia 16:31 11 Jul 2003

I'm glad I'm not alone. It's driving me mad as well, although mine system only tries twice. I also used to have the same problem with device manager and Media Player. A reformat put a stop to that.
I'm sure my machine tries to connect at start up because of Norton AV or Firewall trying to update themselves. If this is so I don't think there is much we can do. Perhaps Symantec will issue a fix. (we can live in hope.

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