Internet connection terminating.

  acrobat270 19:01 08 Feb 2004

Father in law is having major problems with Internet connection terminating every couple of minutes.

Have tried the following to resolve/check issue:
1. Plugging PC into main BT socket with short cable.
2. Connecting with all phones/extensions/faxes etc disconnected.
3. Tried 2 different ISP's (uk2net and free email. Attempted to register with BT anytime but connection terminated during registration.
4. Tried 3 different computers. 2x PC's running win 98 se and 1 laptop running win xp pro. (The laptop is mine and has worked perfectly at my last 2 homes with dial up and broadband).
5. Phoned BT and had gain increased to maximum.
6. BT engineer called and checked wiring in house and gave it the thumbs up.

Any suggestions?

Seems to me to be a wiring/bt fault rather than pc or isp but happy to be corrected?

Would broadband solve issue as Father in Law considering upgrading to this?

Any help appreciated, particularly as it will earn brownie points with 'in-laws'!!!

  acrobat270 19:40 08 Feb 2004

Forgot to mention that up until 2 months ago connection worked perfectly. Problem began with a drop in speed for 40kbps to around 28.

  acrobat270 20:56 08 Feb 2004


  acrobat270 09:24 09 Feb 2004


  961 09:47 09 Feb 2004

Has BT reduced bandwidth on your line by adding another customer?

How far from exchange and are you rural?

Can you log modem action to see if connection is terminating from far end because of drop in transmission speed during connection, or is terminating from your end by modem action?

Tried speed tester via internet to determine actual speed rather than connection speed?

Don't try broadband until problem resolved

  acrobat270 09:58 09 Feb 2004

Thanks 961.

1. Will ask father in law to check reduced bandwidth issue with BT.

2. Not rural, have just found out about BT line test number which has option to check noise and distance from exchange.

3. How would you log modem action?

4. Have tried a speed test from ntlworld - shows speeds on PC's as very low, laptop did much better. Any suggestions for speed tests?

Many thanks for your suggestions. Sorry to fire back a load of questions!

  Sapins 10:02 09 Feb 2004

When the engineer tested the line did he check for damp at the terminals in the incoming box?
If you can hear crackling on the line with the handset this could be the cause, I had this problem which was driving me nuts, and I tried everything I could think of until this fault was found.



  Sapins 10:05 09 Feb 2004

Forgot to mention, the dampness was only detected with a very sensitive meter.

  961 10:48 09 Feb 2004

There are BT engineers who check lines for internet problems. They basically come with a laptop and connect to your phone plug and check the various parameters that cause problems

These guys are like hens teeth and getting to talk to one is a matter of diplomatic skill of a type that George W does not possess

If you can thread your way through the BT treacle these guys work out of a small no of offices dotted around. I live in the Scottish Borders, the office I eventually found was in Brighton. It happened, I believe, because everybody got so sick of me whingeing on about elderly relatives abroad and contact via the internet etc. I leave it up to you

To check modem action go to Help and support centre (Windows xp, something similsr in Windows Me) and check network diagnostice

To check modem log, go to device manager, modem, diagnostics, view log. You will see how the modem connects, and how and why it disconnects

There are various speed checkers on the internet. Some are uk based, some elsewhere. I think McAfee have one but I am sure if you type internet speed check into google it will find some

  netperson 11:18 09 Feb 2004

Dear acrobat270,

Have you inspected the wire from BT box to your home?

I too had similar problem like Sapins a couple of years ago. The BT service to check line fault oked my line. The BT engineer also gave thumbs up. However the cracking noise was very feeble. It was hardly audible.

I risked to call BT engineer again, and this time he accepted the fault with wiring outside my house. He replaced it and the thing was sorted out. A visual inspection would have revealed the truth!


  acrobat270 13:04 09 Feb 2004

Many thanks 961 and netperson. Will check all suggestions and post back results.

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