Internet Connection Speed slow from 44 to 28??

  Spider21 17:15 12 Sep 2004

I have a system which is 6 months old and relatively high spec. I run XP for Home, use Norton Internet security and anti virus.

About 6 weeks ago I was able to log onto the internet and get a speed of 44kbps. Then it slowed down to usually between 28-33kpbs. I've been in contact with Wanadoo (got the run round) who told me to get BT check the line for faults (no problems), and increase the line gain (not sure what that does).

Not sure where to start looking to sort this problem out. Can anyone give some advice as to what to check.

  pj123 17:58 12 Sep 2004

Is this a dialup connection or Broadband?

  smokingbeagle² 20:37 12 Sep 2004

Have you or a neighbour had a new / second line installed? BT could have done it by installing a DACS box. This splits your line affecting your dial up speed. BT only guarantee the quality / bandwidth for voice calls. Before you ask them, re-install your modem and drivers. Check your connection settings. Use this.
click here
. If they haven't installed a DACS box, give them a run through of your problem and what you've done. Ask them to increase the gain on your line. If they have installed a DACS, complain.

  Graham ® 20:50 12 Sep 2004

First thing, put your number in here click here it will tell if you're DACSd.

Note that BT is obliged only to 28k click here

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