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  Ashton1928 11:56 20 Mar 2009

Hello folks,

I do a bit of work on the side and I visited a house yesterday which has been having on going issues with their setup and I'm hoping someone may have some ideas regarding an issue I'm seeing with their internet connection.

The Setup is as follows:

2 x PCs
1 x Netgear DG834Gv4 Router
2 x Netgear WG111v2 USB Wireless Adaptors


Router interface reports an internet downstream connection speed of 5.6mbps.

Speed tests on various websites return download speeds anything from just 200kbps-1000kbps. I appreciate there is fluctuation in speeds due to various factors, but with a 5.6mbps connection I would hope to see download speeds of at least 3mbps??

The longer the PC is used, the slower the speed gets. I attempted to download the Firefox setup.exe and download speeds gradually dropped to as low as under 1kb/sec (ONE!)

All PCs are bang up to date in terms of Anti Virus, Windows Updates, etc

Virus scans have been run on both machines and are all clear.

Various SpyWare programs, such as Spybot, Ad-Aware, Spyware Doctor have been run and items removed accordingly.

Drivers have been replaced.

Router has been restored to factory settings and setup again.

I tried my laptop, both on wireless and wired and I see the same issues.

I've tried the original AOL modem and connected with an Ethernet Cable, same results.

So it's not the PCs, it's not the USB Adaptors and it's not the Router!

The line has been tested by BT, they say it's fine.

The only thing to replace is the Microfilter, which they will do today.

In the meantime, has anyone see this type of issue before. I'm running out of ideas!!!!

Thanks very much

  Ashton1928 12:03 20 Mar 2009

I should've put this on the Networking Forum - Sorry!

  provider 2 12:56 20 Mar 2009

I don`t know that I can help much ... you seem to have checked everything.

As an AOL subscriber on a 2 Mbps connection in a rural area, what I can say though, is that time of day is critical as far as connection speeds are concerned.

Mornings and early afternoons are fine but come 4.30 pm my connection speed drops dramatically. It picks up again around 6.0 pm but it`s not until after 10.00 pm that things get back to where they should be ... something to do with contention ratio, I think.

AOL`s usual answer is the usual routine maintenance stuff that I would do anyway and I doubt if an individual subscriber can do anything to fix this problem, though an ethernet connection, avoiding AOL software altogether, sometimes helps.

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