Internet Connection Snags

  GreenGary 11:29 11 Oct 2008

I have Windows Vista Premium and up until recently had no problems connecting via Sky Wireless Broadband. Recently though my laptop will only conect to the Internet via Explorer. My Mozilla, iTunes and TomTom all fail to connect and all state that there is no internet connection, even though I am logged on via Explorer at the same time.

I have tried connecting direct to the internet (instead of wirelessly) to no avail. I have also tried to reset my firewall settings (didn't work), uninstalling/reinstalling all of the relevant programs (didn't work) and system restore (worked only the once and then failed again.

Can anyone suggest something before I go the cost of getting an IT expert to look at it for me?

Many thanks.

Gary (a PC novice)

  bobbybowls 13:45 11 Oct 2008

do you have a firewall? if so temporarily disable it and try to connect.

  brundle 14:20 11 Oct 2008

See entries by "mgmcc" here click here

Networks can be broken down into layers, removing and reinstalling programs when you have basic connectivity is not going to solve things.

"logged on via Explorer at the same time." - you mean Internet Explorer? Explorer is the interface that gives you access to the desktop, icons, files etc. Can you actually browser in Internet Explorer or does it just bring up one page ? It could be fetching data from the cache, not connected to the internet.

  GreenGary 09:46 12 Oct 2008

Have turned off the firewall and still cannot access other programs.

When going on the internet via Internet Explorer I can access all sites (hotmail, bbc, etc) without problems, I just cannot click on the desktop icons (iTunes, Mozilla firefox, TomTom, etc) and get these programmes connected to the internet as all of them do not recognise that I have a valid internet connection. Not sure how to check where it is fetching data from though so cannot tell you whether it is fetching data from the cache.

  Technotiger 10:01 12 Oct 2008

I am not familiar with anything Sky - but if you are using a Router, perhaps connected via a extension cable from your main Telephone box, have a look at ... click here

  GreenGary 10:07 12 Oct 2008

I have checked the router using a variety of methods and all seems to be okay with it. The problems with my conections started out of the blue and all the other computers in the house work fine. The desktop works fine at all times and through all programmes. It is just on the laptop, both connected directly to the router and wirelessly.

  cowgirl66 10:12 12 Oct 2008

Place the mouse so it hovers over the two tvs in the systray, and make sure there is just the one connection there (assuming you do have the one network connection.) If that is the case, right click on the icon and click on "Diagnose and Repair."

Sometimes the Sky network for some unknown reason will make another network connection and this can prevent accessing the internet. If this happens you have to disable the fake network, try Diagnose and repair again and see if the situation is resolved.

  Technotiger 10:13 12 Oct 2008

So it would seem that the problem is not with the connection itself, but with the laptop then. In which case I think you should be concentrating on getting the laptop in tip-top shape, rather than worrying about the connection side of things.

I would guess that a thorough clean-up of the laptop might make all the difference. Go the whole hog, as we say in 'ampshire .... full scans of everything you have on the security side, full defrag, disk cleanup, remove any junk no longer use etc etc, I am sure you get the picture.

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