Internet Connection Sharing Win98SE

  CCT 22:15 08 Sep 2004


I have a problem with ICS that has got me pulling my hair out.
The problem began when I was called to a neighbour's house and was told that they were having problems with their internet connection. I was shown into the attic bedroom and sat in front of a computer. It was connected to a cable modem. Eventually found that the NIC it was connected to had a static IP address. Told the NIC to obtain an IP address automatically and reset the NTL box everything worked a treat. Everyone was happy. I went home. The next day the neighbours wife called not being happy that she couldn't get the internet. Puzzled I returned and she showed me another PC on the ground floor and the penny began to drop. They had been using ICS and they had moved the host PC. A longer crossover cable was purchased and fitted and attempted to get ICS to run. No way was it having it. Uninstalled ICS (Including registry settings) and tried with static IPs, automatic IPs, different NICs (Both NICs were identical so choosing which one was for the incoming cable modem and which was fore the LAN was, well 50 - 50).

Eventually got the network running with minimal components and was able to ping the IP addresses of websites, was able to ping the URLs of websites. Was able to see a website in the browser if I just put in the IP address of teh website. However as soon as I put in the URL of a website eg 'click here' the host computer froze. and the only way to get into action again was to reset the beast.

Anybody seen the same problem and does anyone have a fix?

Both machines are running Win 98SE. The host is a 400MHz PII with 128 MB memory and the client is a 1.0 GHz Duron with 256MB memory.


Neil Harland

  Strawballs 00:27 09 Sep 2004

Not trying to sound condesending when you say you tried to get ICS running did you use win 98 disk go to add components and install ICS from there and makeing an ICS floppy to run on the slave machine

  CCT 10:19 09 Sep 2004

I did use the Win98SE disk to add ICS and I have created a floppy disk to run on the client machine. I used the Microsoft advice on how to remove ICS and also some useful advice on click here on how to edit registry entries when the different NICs were added.



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