internet connection sharing problem

  sibo 18:41 12 Jan 2004

I have recently set up a wireless network between my laptop and my desktop pc using a wireless lan card in my laptop and a D - Link access point connected to my network card on my desktop pc which works fine including printer sharing. The problem is even though I have enabled sharing of my modem the laptop still cannot connect to the internet through the network

  Lozzy 18:47 12 Jan 2004

Have you made sure your IP Address is correct. Go to start run type in cmd hit ok then type IPCONFIG and detail here what all the IP address's are and sub net mask address's. Do this on both Laptop and PC. Can you ping pc to laptop and visa versa?? Also did you give both a different computer name but same workgroup name?

  sibo 19:01 12 Jan 2004

This is all ok but do you know whether i should have a straight through cable or a crossover cable going from the desktop pc to the wireless access point?

  jgosden 19:23 12 Jan 2004

a straight cable i would imagine, is that what you have?

  sibo 19:30 12 Jan 2004

yes but it did say somthing about using a crossover cable if it was coming straight from a computer in the manual but it was not very clear

  jgosden 19:31 12 Jan 2004

i know someone who said he had a similar problem 2 you, the laptop could access the web by directly plugging it in the router and the main pc worked.
It wasn't working over wireless. You could get the lan but not access web.

Are you doing this or just using a normal access point sharing your web connection over the lan.
If this is the case can you plug the other pc directly into the access point and see if that works.

  jgosden 19:43 12 Jan 2004

maybe if it is just a wireless access point then it is like another pc on the lan. If you have 2 pc's then you network using a crossover cable. In the sam way this is like a network of 2 pc's only 1 is at a distance,

However where i fail to understand this is because it is like hub in its own right because many pc's connect to it this makes me think that it should be a normal cable,

See what i mean.....

  sibo 19:44 12 Jan 2004

I am using a wireless access point which the desktop pc containing the access to the internet is connected to it by a Cat 5 cable which is the only Cat 5 connection on the wireless access point device. The laptop has wireless pci card installed which connects to the access point wirelessly. All files on each computer can be accesed fine on the wireless LAN but I have trouble connecting to the internet on the laptop. I have once had it working properly by resetting the network connection including sharing on the desktop and then on the laptop and was able to access the internet. But when turned on my laptop the next time the gateway had gone and would not come back what ever I do.

  sibo 19:48 12 Jan 2004

Yes I do see what you mean it seams hard to work out whether an access point works like a hub or just another computer. I suppose the only thing to do is try a crossover cable and see what happens. Cheers. What do you think? m8

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