Internet connection sharing (ICS) with ZoneAlarm

  gregori 22:26 11 Jun 2005

I have two networked PC's, Wondows 98 and Windows 2000 pro. The 2000 system has broadband. I have ZoneAlarm Free edition running on both of them. They can see each other because I have set up static TCP/IP adresses and added them to each other's Trusted Zones. On trying to set up ICS, I am informed that I must set the TCP/IP adresses to Automatic. This will of course mean that the network will no longer work when I reboot if ZoneAlarm is active.

Question 1.
This may seem a little ignorant of me but do I need a Firewall on both PC's, or just on the one which connects to the Internet? Hopefull I will then be able to connect if it does not leave me vulnerable.

Question 2.
If the answer to above is "yes" then does buying ZoneAlarm Pro which allows ICS, allow me to install it on two PC's or do I have to but an additional license?

Any advice would be gratfully received.

  selfbuild 23:36 11 Jun 2005

Yes it is worth while having a firewall on both PCs... take Windows Update for example... it will only update the PC that is asking to be updated regardless of how it conects to the 'net.

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  Dipso 00:22 12 Jun 2005

It is advisable to have a firewall on both PC's. ZA Free CAN work with ICS but you have to fiddle around with the settings click here ie. set the Internet Zone slider to medium and add your ISP's DNS servers to the trusted zone.

If you decide to buy ZA Pro, you would have to buy another licence to use it on the second machine, however, you can use ZA Free on the second machine, this is what most people tend to do it seems.

  mgmcc 00:42 12 Jun 2005

<<On trying to set up ICS, I am informed that I must set the TCP/IP adresses to Automatic.>>

If you enable ICS, the Local Area Connection in the "host" PC will be given the fixed IP address and the "client" should be set to get its address automatically, which it does by DHCP from the "host".

The IP addresses of the netwoked PCs should be put in the Trusted Zone - you can enter the range to ("0" and "255" are not normally used) - and in the "host" PC, the Internet Zone Security level must be reduced from High to Medium or ICS traffic will be blocked.

There is no problem using the "free" version of Zone Alarm with ICS, subject to the comment above about the Security Level setting.

  gregori 09:41 12 Jun 2005

Thank you everyone, I am impressed, not to mention less confused 8=).

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