Internet Connection Sharing

  CliffP 18:17 14 Jul 2003

I set up 2 PC's and a laptop quite a long time ago with ICS enabled and all worked fine on all 3 machines. But it's now not working. My broadband connection is shared out, all machines belong to the same workgroup and all have a valid static IP address. Am I having a blonde moment? I just can't get ICS back. I've used the wizards and even used MSHOME as the default workgroup. Have I forgotten something? All help, suggestions gratefully received. TIA

  CliffP 18:20 14 Jul 2003

sorry, all machines are running XP Pro...

  keith-236785 18:37 14 Jul 2003

try disabling your firewall
and try again
if it then works you know its the firewall settings. If it wont work then i dont know, im not very good at networking.

  CliffP 18:38 14 Jul 2003

Firewall already disabled... but thanks anyway

  Kryten 18:42 14 Jul 2003

I tried ICS but found problems as you did. I now use PROXY on the main machine. If you want to try this the download is in the download directory of this site or click here for the latest version. When installed it has all the instructions necessary to set it up.

  CliffP 00:33 15 Jul 2003

Thanks Kryten. I can now connect using that Proxy software. I'm still intrigued though as to: 1. Why did it stop working, and 2. Why I can't get it going again...

Thanks once again...

I'll leave this open for a day or two in case anyone else has any brainwaves.

  Webmaster 00:48 15 Jul 2003

Oh dear, ICS is notorious for that, especially if you alter the static IP for the gateway machine. (Win dows automatically sets a silly IP address.) You have taken the most ideal course of action in straying away from that mess.

Anyway, on the subject of AnalogX Proxy.... a brilliant piece of software, but use it _in conjunction_ with a better http and https proxy. I use Proxy for using MSN Messenger over the network since it offers good Socks support. However, Proxy just adores falling over all the time, especially when you are constantly making many requests to it when browsing large websites. I recommend using Terrapin Multinet for the http and https proxy server, and it also doubles up as an exceptional mail server for your Intranet. I find Multinet serving http and https requests and AnalogX's Proxy playing host to Socks and FTP requests an ideal combination.

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